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What makes Hrithik Roshan strong?
Friday, October 11, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Everyone feels that Hrithik is a very strong person.. But did you know when he was a kid Hrithik was shy and a loner..?! His tears would flow easily when someone teased him in school. Hrithik has a strong father who never allowed any weakness to be supported. He believes that people go through lot of struggle in their lives and still manage to come out joyful.

Commenting of Priyanka Chopra's comment that Hrithik lives in his head, the actor said, he feels that its natural to live in fear of the unexpected but one should welcome it as opportunities to rise above. He believes that Krrish has a great impact on him, "It’s beyond the mask, the caves and the way he needs to jump from one building to the other. It’s all about the values and goals he lives by," stated Hrithik.

In spite of having problems of speech impediment, knee problem, a broken shoulder and now a hole in the brain. Hrithik choose to be positive and because of his consistent practice of imbibing the right values of a strong man did not allow a single second of fear to enter him.

In fact, Hrithik choose to stay awake during his surgery which makes him feel that if he falls asleep he would have two holes in his head instead of one. "If your attitude towards a problem is right you get all the strength to surpass everything," is a motto that Hrithik believes in.

Besides, Hrithik believes that his failures have made him stronger. As his experiences have been his biggest motivators whenever he feels too much pressure he just looks back and realizes he had gone through this same earlier but had come out stronger.