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WhatsApp gets a much needed update in its video calling feature

Thursday, January 11, 2018 • Tamil Comments

We’ve all been there. WhatsApp voice calls though helpful (blame exorbitant network call rates), we sometimes prefer face to face video chats. And inorder to avert an awkward pause and cut in the conversation, WhatsApp has dished out an update that will help you switch over to video call without the need to cut the audio call first.

The feature which is currently available to beta users enables you to send a video call request at the touch of a button, all while during the call. This will send a request to the user on the other end. However, if the video request is rejected the audio call will still ensue.

Currently the feature is only tested for one-on-one conversations but might later be available to group chats as well. With more such features being added, WhatsApp’s functionality has increased earning lots of users.