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When Akshay Kumar made Lisa Haydon wet unexpectedly!
Friday, April 18, 2014 • Hindi Comments

We all know that the Khiladi is a trickster but this time he simply followed his choreographer’s instructions... Just imagine when suddenly an entire bottle of champagne has been poured on you?!!! Shell shocked, na??? Well, that’s exactly what happened to poor Lisa Haydon when our naughty Akshay Kumar emptied the whole bubbly drink on the gorgeously dressed actress.

It happened so on the sets of film ‘Shaukeen’ when the team was recently shooting a party song, titled "Alcoholic" and the choreographer Ahmed Khan wanted to capture the real emotion of surprise when the actress was drenched with the drink, head-to-toe. And so he instructed Akki to go ahead and pour the champagne on the unexpected Lisa. "I categorically told Akshay to go all out while spraying the bubbly on Lisa but we kept her in the dark because I wanted to capture the look of shock on her face," said Khan in an interview.

Poor Lisa; it seems she was too shocked when she was suddenly sprayed with Champagne in full force. Squealing in surprise, the beauty immediately said to had ran to her vanity van to change. Sources said that it was after nearly one and half hours before she emerged - fully dry, with her entire make-up and  hairdo redone.

What’s more, Lisa who was unaware of this secret plan apparently burst out on Akki fuming for making her wet. And like an innocent kid, the actor merely pointed to his choreographer and meekly said her that it was Ahmed Khan’s idea.