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When Priyanka Chopra spoke on phone in bathroom for long!
Thursday, November 21, 2013 • Hindi Comments

One can understand when in a party one has to find some privacy to attend a phone call. But if the call goes for so long and guests keep looking out for the person, only to find him/her locked up in bathroom busy chatting - then it’s something worth snooping around, right? Well, that’s what exactly happened when recently our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra went missing from a house party to take a call.

According to our birdies, the actress recently had been to a Diwali house party and guests there noticed that she was not actively mingling in conversations. Some people close to Priyanka Chopra felt that the actress, whose father passed early this year, is still missing him and so is no more her chirpy self these days. Since her father’s demise, Priyanka is a changed person now, they believed.

However, in the course of the party, some guests noticed that the actress was speaking excitedly over a phone call and gradually moved away from the crowd. She apparently went into the host’s bathroom and stayed there for a very long time talking on phone!! And when she finally came out, PC was seen wearing a brilliant smile on her face, they say...

Now isn’t it weird??? Hmmmm Kaun Hai Woh, who switched on Priyanka to normal self? Is it someone He? Or was it any filmmaker who offered her a big time role by narrating a movie script? Oh come on, PC, solve the mystery!!!!