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Why is Allu Arjun 'wasting the golden opportunity'?

Saturday, September 14, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Why is Allu Arjun wasting the golden opportunity?

Many on social media (and not all of them are Allu Arjun's die-hard fans) are of the view that Bunny should immediately create opportunities for himself to make the most of his popularity across North India. They are saying this in the wake of 'Saaho' collecting a big figure in Hindi only because of Prabhas' popularity.

"The Mega hero is very popular in North India even though he has not had a single Hindi release so far. The Stylish Star has become ultra-popular in States like Bihar and Punjab only because of the dubbed movies aired on TV and streaming on the Internet. It's surprising that he hasn't done a pan-Indian movie yet. Is it because he is waiting for a splendid story? After 'Saaho', he has to do something concrete toward finding the right story," says a Facebook comment.

"Among stars from the south, Bunny's popularity is on a different plane in North India. If and when he does a Hindi movie, it is going to increase the stamina of Telugu cinema," says a fan.

The unexpected success of 'Saaho' in Hindi despite negative talk says it all. Allu Arjun indeed has so much potential to do a Prabhas.

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