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Will the 'Rx 100' luck factor work for Kartikeya?

Thursday, August 1, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Will the Rx 100 luck factor work for Kartikeya?

But for 'Rx 100', Kartikeya wouldn't be a talking point ahead of the release of 'Guna 369' this Friday.  The young hero, whose claim to fame is 'Rx 100' alone, badly needs another hit at the box-office.

To be sure, 'Rx 100' happened to Kartikeya by luck and he was quite apt for the author-backed role.  The story, the direction, the powerful scenes and the romantic scenes made it a mini-cult hit.  As long as the audience doesn't forget that movie, Kartikeya will continue to be challenged more than others.  Expectations from him will continue to be distinct.  

In a way, 'Rx 100' only made it tougher for the actor, as those who recognize him expect different films from him.  There are still large segments of audiences in B and C centres who don't know him by name.  'Guna 369' is releasing in this context.  

Before its release, 'Guna 369' hasn't inspired any great confidence, given its run-of-the-mill trailer.  But if director Arjun Jandyala has strong content in his kitty, this Friday could bring cheers to Kartikeya.  But does he have strong content?  That's a big IF.

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