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Actress accuses crew of drilling hole in dressing room

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Actress accuses crew of drilling hole in dressing room

‘Wonder Woman’ was an iconic TV show of the 70s in which renowned actress Lynda Carter essayed the superhero role.  Now the actress has let out a startling revelation that a cameraman had drilled a hole into a dressing room on the sets.

Lynda  added that the perpetrator was caught, fired and drummed out of the business. She also said that when she verbally protested against sexual misconduct, perpetrators would laugh it off as a joke. A longtime feminist and an activist, she didn’t wish to point out names or details about her abusers, as she felt ‘he’s already being done in’.

Carter who is an ardent and outspoken supporter of #MeToo which chronicles the abuses of affected women also had to say this: “There is a difference between a guy hitting on you, which everybody has, and a guy assaulting you. There is a huge difference when you can’t speak up, or you get blackballed if you say anything. The repercussion of all this has been #MeToo”.