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World Cupp 2011 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 18, 2009 • Hindi ]
World Cupp 2011 Review
S. A. Gems Pvt. Ltd.
Ravi Kapoor, Manisha Chetterjee, Ehsaan Khan, Zakir Hussain, Suresh Oberoi &Prem Chopra.
Ravi Kapoor
S.A Gems Pvt. Ltd.
Aadesh Shrivastav

World Cupp 2011 **

What is It?

Coming an extra p (read plea), `World Cupp (their spelling not mine) 2011', this Bollywood goal without a soul makes this reviver begging to flee.

Adding looooooose element of pride, honour and nationality from the SRK starrer `Chak De', this launch ad (my spelling for show reel launches) for another ankoor in the family of Bollywood Kapoors Ravi this time is more soulless than a goalless drama that plays with you just for the sheer sake of playing Ravi Kapoor to you.

This 16 reeler is a very amateurish dramatically sleepy thriller, the desperation and confidence of this first time writer, helmer, actor and the producer is quite striking as these guys are least bothered about the mighty overseas opponent.

The desperation to enter Bollywood is evident as the writer-actor-director smartly pens a lousy script keeping in mind the pagalpan of the aam junta regarding cricketers and stars.

So why not make the protagonist a cricketer on screen? Smart thinking Ravi kumar but alas the rest is bassi rice with a more bassi dal.

Looking to characterize their first ambition in Bollywood the flick tries to stuff popular Bollywood interest of crime, romance with the national passion called cricket but the result is an bankrupt art psychologically and morally, an unconvincing overall concept down to the smallest detail, this would-be a hurriedly done show reel of Bollywood   obsessed fanatics who are in a desperate bid to join the entertainment industry.

The Story

Its baseless, Indian cricket darling Ravi Indulkar(Ravi Kapoor - shows patches of raw talent can improve) is offered bribe by the booking lords and  he immediately agrees (why? ask him) with his four friends Rajpal, Hiten, Irfan and Balwinder.

They fix a World Cupp match held in 2007 against Pakistan with a bookie- Shobhan (Zakir Hussain - competent as usual).

Twist in the tale they are exposed by press reporter Balakrishnan, vow very realistic like Bhandarkar's failed `Jail'.

BICI bans the captain Ravi Indulkar and his four teammates for four years. Ravi's girlfriend Soha (Manisha Chetterjee - no comments) also leaves him because of his deeds and in the meanwhile Ravi also loses his dad. Oh darling it's so bad.

The coach (Suresh Oberoi - brilliant in a short role) once again gives chance to Ravi   and his four teammates and you know on what grounds, his wife asks him to do so and the couch agrees. Now you know why India was lacking behind in past.

Anyways, once again India faces its arch rivals Pakistan in final. And you don't need to be an Einstein in guessing what happens next and then and then.

India wins; our dear Indulkar does this for himself and India. Hurray Hurray, lets have some kurkere. How thak de was that.

The Highs: Hmmmmmm... Well wait a minute... Let me just.. I mean.... Oh yeah this had all the potential to be sleazy you know cricket, girls, politics, crime, item girls, cheer leaders etc etc but the writer director at least tried to concentrate on drama.

Ravi Kapoor is not bad as an actor. I mean he can get some roles provided he gets some good backing. He is raw can be groomed.

This ambitious flick gets 2 for the above two factors (in all kindness)

The Lows: Oh Baby, pls don't make me start again.

Verdict: Only go if you feel you must.



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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