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Yaashika, Aishwarya were my scapegoats, says Daniel

Daniel Annie Pope walked out from Bigg Boss show in style, a humorous style like never before. Usually, we see contestants ready to break into waterworks prior to leaving the house, but here Daniel was much jovial with Kamal and the audiences as well.

Danny boy also stated that he used Aishwarya and Yaashika as scapegoats during tasks in the Bigg Boss house. But he also expressed his angst that no one in the house shed tears for him, not even Mumtaj who is prone to crying to even the littlest of things- she had only advice for him. 

Hey and here’s the list of thara local nicknames that he had for contestants before leaving the house: 

Balaji- Gapsa, Janani- Bongu, Sendrayan- Ushar Pakkiri, Yaashika- Araathu, Aishwarya- Allakkai, Mumtaj- Dubakkur, Riythvika- Bejaaru. In short, one could say that Daniel left the house leaving everyone laughing.