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Friends turn foes- Yaashika Aishwarya fight gets nasty!

The Bigg Boss season 2 has really caught on fire with each contestant revealing their true colors. All hell is breaking loose while viewers are finally getting to be interested. In a recently released promo, we see Yaashika and Aishwarya getting into a nasty tiff.

We all know that Aishwarya lied to Sendrayan to complete the task which will save her and when Yaashika comments on the same, we see Aishwarya blowing her fuse out. It’s not something beautiful to watch, but as one can see in the promo these contestants really lose their cool when they get offended.  So what does Yaashika say? ‘Kelambu kelambu’ which translates to something like ‘get out of the house’.  Watch the promo down below: