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Yennamo Nadakkuthu Review

Yennamo Nadakkuthu Review
Triple V Records
Vijay Vasanth, Mahima Nambiar,Prabhu, Rahman
Vinoth Kumar
Premgi Amaren

Yennamo Nadakkuthu

IndiaGlitz [Saturday, April 26, 2014 • Tamil] Comments

 From sports and governance to just simple life, there's politics in everything. Most often we are left so clueless by the extent of complications around us that even the most wise, powerful and intelligent will be left to wonder what is going on. 'Ennamo Nadakkudhu' is one such confusion that puts a prominent and influential person in a tight spot. But the one caught tightest in the mess is an ordinary man.

Burma (Rahman), lawyer Uthaman (Thambi Ramaiah) and the influential 'Madam' are frantically searching for missing 'goods'. The person incharge - Vijay (Vijay Vasanth) - of a crucial under table task is hospitalised in a serious condition. While Vijay is believed to be an orphan, it unfolds that the story begins with Vijay's initiative to help his beloved Madhu (Mahima). Burma is contesting in the upcoming elections and is likely to win the throne this time, but is completely drained of all his money, as he has sent it out to make efforts to ensure his victory - mostly in the illegal route. Vijay makes a living by taking up contracts to stick wall posters, who falls in love with nurse Madhu. After his mother's death, Madhu becomes the sole reason for Vijay's existence. But things begin to complicate when Madhu is hard pressed for a huge sum of money which she has to settle in under four days. Vijay comes to her rescue and takes up the responsibility of ferrying Burma's money across the city for a remuneration that will settle Madhu's debt. But fate would have it that in the last minute, Burma's money is looted from Vijay putting everyone in a tight spot. How Vijay unfolds the mystery game set up by Parthiban (Prabhu) and settles all the issues is the story of the thriller flick 'Ennamo Nadakkudhu'.

The greatest appeal of the movie is its simplicity. Vijay performs as a simpleton, emotionally high strung but faithful, loyal and true in his way of life. The way he puts his slang to advantage gives the film a greater appeal with the audience. Mahima is the simple girl next door with her expressions well in place. Though her character exaggerates and over reacts to simple incidents in the beginning, she has justified the story on the whole. Thambi Ramaiah plays along all through the movie in a supportive lawyer's role. His dialogue delivery and timing sense, especially in the climax sequence are ones to look out for. Saranya Ponvannan, like always, is a show stealer - she plays the innocent, and quite ignorant yet cautious lady, and impresses us with her spontaneity, screen presence and her ease with the accent she uses. The first thing that strikes us about Rahman is his suave charm that hasn't faded even a bit over the years. He is a befits the role of a cunning politician who would go to any extent to make his way to the top. Sukanya also plays a supporting role and her attitude she carries draws attention towards her befitting performance. Prabhu happens only in the second half of the movie. His role is initially a little difficult to perceive but the fog clears out after the flash back which explains most part of the plot.

Venkatesh's cinematography is creative, however there are a few portions in the film that could have used better graphic perfection. Srikanth's editing is a backbone to the flow of story, considering so many incidents that make up the movie. The film involves a lot of scenes and incidents with many different characters in almost each frame. Though most of them are introduced well in the first half, the steam somehow seems to have died out in the second; and it is in fact the latter half of the movie that needs proper introduction of each character. Because all of them are shown hurriedly, it becomes difficult to catch up with the racy screenplay, which is where the appeal with audience tends to break. However, debutante Rajapandi also ensures not to lag too far behind and patches up for the confusing parts in thrilling sequences towards climax. And the climax has an incredible twist to the entire plot, lightening your mood from the tense sequences that preceeded it. Premgi's music is yet another plus point in the movie. He has delivered with equal vigour for both soundtrack as well as the background score. Songs are mostly strategically spaced, but there are a few portions where music alliterates. Any thriller is incomplete without fight sequences, and the ones in this film are realistic and a treat for action lovers. On the whole, 'Ennamo Nadakkudhu' is a good relief from usual masala with a practical concept told with a high quality of cinematic touch, and makes for a good watch.

Rating: 2.5/5 - Captivating thriller



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