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Kamal condemns arrest of politician in 8 lane Expressway issue

The proposed Eight Way Express Highway between Chennai and Salem is being opposed by environmentalists and farmers of the area.  Yogendra Yadav a politician from North India had come to Tiruvannamalai on the invitation of the organization Movement Against 8 Lane Way.  He was however arrested by the police there and has stated "TN police has detained me and team in Chengam PS, Thiru Annamalai district. We came on the invitation of Movement Against 8Lane Way. We were prevented from going to meet farmers, phones snatched, manhandled and pushed into police van.".

The Makkal Neethi Maiam leader Kamal Haasan has strongly condemned the arrest and has issued a video statement in which he has stated " Mr. Yogendra Yadav a politician from another state had come to ours to seek the opinion of our farmers but has been arrested.  This is highly condemnable and is debatable how the government has the powers to arrest someone for even asking for an opinion.  Using the laws to suppress freedom of questioning is nothing but dictatorship and one has to be reminded that this is indeed a democracy.  It is my duty to also remind that most dictators have used democracy to capture power and we should remember that.  People should express their views without fear and such an atmosphere should prevail.  I condemn the arrest of brother Yogendra Yadav.".