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Zayn Malik: My Second Album is going to be More Sexual.....
Monday, July 3, 2017 • Hindi Comments

After making a grand exit out of One Direction, the Pillowtalk singer has put together an album that was mostly about sexual experimentation from his point of view, while suggesting how beautiful and passionate love-making is.

His lyrics in the single Pillowtalk, Like I Do and Wrong just give us a glimpse of what he really wants to express. The Lust and the tension surrounding it.

He spoke about the risqué matter in his lyrics saying “I Definitely think the reaction to the first record has fuelled a bit of confidence in the second one”

The 24-year-old singer is gearing up for a new album which too is based on the subject of pleasures of sex.

He gushes “I hope people like to listen to it and do whatever they do” he continues “They can listen to it and do normal activities too – they don’t just have to have sex to it “

“But there're some sexual references in the second album too, for sure."

He spoke about his progress in the music making saying

The singer who is currently dating Gigi Hadid says

“I feel like on the first record things were a bit experimental – I was just trying to find my feet – and with this one, I feel like I’ve found that pocket a little bit more and it’s a bit more developed.”

He continues “I'm just a bit more organized and a bit more structured with the way I'm songwriting now, I think."

“Even though it has been a short space of time, I think you can definitely see a progression in my writing – well, I’m hoping so, anyway.”

He concludes “Things kind of make a bit more sense to me.”

When asked about how he feels about putting out such risqué content that kind of objectifies women, he says

“I don't want to be the guy that's just talking about sex distastefully. I try to do it in a way that has a bit of class to it. I have sisters and I have females in my family, so I don't ever want to be too disrespectful if that's the word. I just try to keep it creative, and hopefully, people don't get too offended”

He continues “There are some songs that I wrote and I didn't put on my record because they were just a bit too...Risqué, shall we say. That is something that I do think about. I never really want to be vulgar, if you understand what I mean"

His lyrics sure speak about his liking in pleasure-seeking and his bold and very obvious lyrics intensify the rhythm of his expressive music.

His first album got a pretty great response but since he didn’t actually show up at any of his gigs because of his anxiety-breakdown, the singer seems to be in desperation to release the new album Versace to not be forgotten.

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