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Zendaya is a Huge Fan of Zac Efron in 'HSM'!
Saturday, July 1, 2017 • Hindi Comments

The stunning actress is currently working on one of the most anticipated (Oscar-ish) movie, The Greatest Showman, starring Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams and more.

She was recently asked about her experience working with the team of The Greatest Showman.

She gushes “It was amazing working with all of them”

She continues “I spent months trapeze training, which is not something I said or thought I could do. So there you go! You can see that I did it.”

She adds “I did as much as I could and it was so much fun. I learned different things that I could actually do and take it there”

She was asked about Zac Efron, who shares the same background of musical history from Disney Franchise, as her. Zac Efron stole the hearts of many with his High School Musical Series and Zendaya says that she is one of the fans.

“I mean everybody was (a fan of Zac Efron), come on now” She blushes.

The duo’s chemistry in the trailer won a lot of approval from the audience with many fans on the internet “shipping” them both as #goals!

We couldn’t agree more!

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