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Zila Ghaziabad Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 22, 2013 • Hindi ]
Zila Ghaziabad Review
Bharat Shah Presents & Soundaraya Productions
Sanjay Dutt,Vivek Oberoi,Arshad Warsi,Paresh Rawal,Chandrachur Singh,Minisha Lamba,Charmee Kaur,Ravi Kishan, Ashutosh Rana,Divya Dutta,Geeta Basra,Shriya Saran
Anand Kumar
Vinod Bachchan
Amjad Nadeem

What is it all about

After seeing the bottle of old monk several times in this film an instant urge to meet my first love brought me to a local bar and this is what that happened last night...

I gulped my first peg right away and was about to jalo my beedi (read cigarette) the bartender played the TV.. Vishal Bhardwaj Omkara had just begun.. Ajay Devgn was making his grand entry on screen.. suddenly Arshad Warsi's entry from Zila Ghazibad which I just saw made a grand flash back.. glad to find that the joint serves genuine stuff I dropped my idea of a quick one drink and ordered a quarter (pint)...

When I finished my second drink and jaloed (light) my next cigarette I found everyone involved in Omkara as Deepak Dobriyal was playing his wicked tricks on Saif Ali Khan.. once again the flashback of standup comedian Sunil Grover shrewd tricks on Arshad Warsi in Zila Ghazibad made its remarkable entry.. I was about to clap for the terrific impact Old Monk has given me for years...

Immediately I made my next drink.. two cops both Salman Khan fans entered the bar and after getting their kickback asked for their drink and insisted on playing Dabangg as soon as possible..needless to say the bartender obeyed and Dabangg was now playing on screen..

Salman Khan trade mark belt moves was getting repeatedly played again and again.. like a bollywood masala flick on rebirth or lost memory Sanjay Dutt's collar act in his entry from Zila Ghazibad flashed my eyes.. I couldn,t control myself and much to the delight of the crowd present including those cops I started dancing in a style that was a mix of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt.. (by this time I had four large ones already)...

The cops turned into gentlemen uncles and asked me to sit quietly and enjoy the drink.. I obeyed them and overheard their conversation where the word Company was getting discuss..

Surprisingly this time I got two flashbacks one from RGV films where the gangs where in shooting spree and the other from Zila Ghazibad where Vivek Oberoi was seen in most of the action..

I couldn,t believe my luck... had another one and that was it.. I felt like a Singham and wanted to jump like Ajay Devgn and slap the cops from stopping me to dance and taking bribes but as I was about to do this act of national importance and coverage.. another flashback knocked me out of my seat, table and the bar..

The flashback of Sanjay Dutt running like a superman holding guns and Vivek Oberoi riding bike on sky making the batman feel like a `Joker' from Zila Ghaziabad flashed in front of my eyes.... and I went into the oblivion..

In the morning when I came to senses I laughed at those guilty pleasures which happened at the bar last night and realized how dangerous over indulgence can do to you.. be it my extreme adventure with my all time favorite Old Monk or Anand Kumar's incomparable love for Dabangg, Omkara and those whistle blowing action cinema made for the masses which we have grown up on and continue to cherish till or last breath..

The only difference is the Omkara's, Dabangg's, Singhams etc where an instant knock out making you feel and recollect the moments again and again... highly intoxicating and extremely convincing..

On the other hand Anand Kumar's Zila Ghazibad gives a feeling.. it can still be enjoyed provided you are down with at least 4to 5 pegs of old monk..

Rating **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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