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Aamir Khan : wonderful to see Azad imitating my tap dance
Saturday, December 14, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Aamir Khan - B-town guarantee of cinema with sense and sensibility has made the tinsel town most popular and highly awaited 3rd installment of India’s premiere production house YRF Dhoom shoot to sky rocketing expectations with his presence.

The trendsetter in tinsel town’s promotions techniques, the actor that carries immense responsibility and finesse to the character he portrays and always prints the stamp of ‘perfection’ in his b-town endeavors gets candid with indiaglitz on Dhoom3,  b-town stardom, working with YRF again, his son Azad and much more..

What made you say yes for Dhoom 3

 It’s a wonderful script and very entertaining. It has the best emotional track than the earlier two films.

Working with YRF again any memories of Yashji

I respect Yashji a lot. I missed him all the more because he is not here to see the film. He was part of the planning of the script. It will be one of the biggest regrets that he was not here with us. I told Aditya about it. I have high regards for Adi as a producer, director and creative person.

Have you watched the earlier series of Dhoom

I have watched Dhoom 1 and enjoyed it. It was fun. I loved the title song.  Dhoom 2 I have not seen.

How challenging is Dhoom3 for an actor like you

It’s a larger than life film and character and there are a lot of stunts that I have performed but I would love to tell the  youth of the country that it’s a movie and we are performing stunts under a lot of security do not try it in real life or else you will put your life in danger.  We used harnesses.  We undergo a lot of training.  A lot of safety measures are taken by the stunt directors when we are performing.  In Chicago where we were shooting the entire roads were blocked. The police had sealed the roads.  The cars are driven by stunt directors.

You are an actor, an inspiration and you always prepare and have gone in lengths to get the right nuances, it is learnt you where under medication for Dhoom 3

Yes and I was shooting for this song ‘Malang Malang’and I had to do circus stunts. We had trainers and were asked to spin 30 to 40 feet above the ground.  We also shot the song on a hoop which was even more dangerous. You can even lose your balance as were not harnessed.   We had to lock our knees and bend down. I was under medication and I felt giddy.  Sometimes you knees buckle up and you can easily slide down. There is no safety measure underneath.   We asked the trainers how they manage but they said that even they feel giddy but get used to it over a period of time.  You get injured during the process.  Even Katrina had a lot of bruises on her legs.  But they make sure that you are trained before you even attempt it.

Did you have to undergo any particular diet and fitness regime for the movie

I had trained for Ghajini too but there my body was big and muscled. Here I am very lean. So it required a strict diet and eight hours of sleep. I trained for two years to become lean.  I was training myself while I was shooting for Talaash.

You have learnt tap dancing for the film

I always wanted to learn tap dance as it’s an attractive dance form but since I am not a good dancer I never learnt it.  I have learnt percussion and feel that tap dance is percussive.  I had the inclination to learn the dance form.  It’s like playing table with your feet. When Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya came to know that I like the dance form they decided to have the title song in which I do tap dance. They said it will take me two years to learn the basic and a good five years before I can master the art.  But I decided to give it a shot.  We got the number one company Tap Dog to train me. They have done tap dance for Hollywood animated film Happy Feet.  We contacted them and they came on board. It was a wonderful experience. First few days I trained in India but it was not possible so I went to Sydney and cut off myself from everyone to concentrate on the skills.  I practiced for four to five hours a day.  For me tap dance is what Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire do. They were so light on feet and so graceful.  Tap Dog has changed the entire concept of tap dance. They have given it a modern touch. It’s very heavy now so it was easier for me. The dancers around me have been doing it for 20 years. I think it would be great if I  could give it more time.  Azad learnt it from me. He used to imitate me and I have made a video of it. It was wonderful to watch him imitate me.

You are also playing a magician in the film

No, the film is not about a magician it’s about performing arts. I did a lot of circus and gymnast training.  The Malang Malang song has a lot of acrobats. It’s an advanced circus I don’t think India has seen such circus acts.  For us Circus is all about  elephants and tigers. We have trapeze acts or contortionists. It’s traditional circus.  For us a clown is understandably a joker  who makes you laugh.  It’s not the definition anymore. A joker participates in all the acts but in the character.  Katrina and I have done the actual shots.

You have played a negative role in Fanaa earlier how different was this role?

I am the villain but I am not negative.  I am not doing an Amrish Puri in the film. In Fanaa I killed people. In Dhoom 3 he has a past and has gone through emotional trauma.  He’s a character we are hoping who will gain sympathy.

You have set trends when it comes to promotions of films. What is in store this time for Dhoom3.

We are not going to promote the film as we don’t want people to lose interest in the film.  We feel less is more.  We are not going on any Television shows.  I had been to Salman sets when he was doing Dus Ka Dum. I watched an episode and texted him. He invited me to the show and it was fun.  We are going heavily on internet.  The film cuts across all age groups it’s a universal film.

Whenever a biggie releases ticket prices go high any this time for Dhoom3

Theatre prices are not in our hands, we have no hold. It’s the exhibitor’s choice. They have made good multiplexes and everyone cannot afford to go to theatres.  I want more and more people to come and watch cinema.  I think they should have a medium level theatre where there are no luxuries so that the people can afford to watch films.

Working with Katrina
Katrina is a wonderful person, she likes chess and so do I.  She has a great sense of humour and is very easy going this is the first time I