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49 O Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, September 17, 2015 • Tamil ]
49 O Review
Zero rules Entertainment
Goundamani, MS Baskar, Mayilsamy, John Vijay, Goundamani, Balasingh, Somasundaram, Thirumurugan, Munnar Ramesh, V.I.S.Jayapalan, Alwa Vasu
P. Arockiadoss
DR.L. Sivabalan

Kollywood's very own satire and irony king is back in business after a long time, and what’s best is that he comes as the main protagonist of 49-O not displaying even a faint sign of weariness at 76, instead springs up a hardcore energetic performance. The theme of the movie is straightforward and simple, the impossible plight of the farmers stuck in a pool of games played by Politicians and realtors. Goundamani takes the concept and adds up the comedy and satire quotient bundled with throwback dialogues, the end product has the comedy king's signature all over. So what is the movie all about, let’s find out.

The setting of the movie is simple, on a shoe string budget director Arockiyadoss has made use of what's delegated at hand. Taking the national issue of the farmer's plight as the theme, the director brings in a village which strives to make a living with agriculture as its backbone, the hardships and the number of obstacles they face through their livelihood forms the plot. Few people in Kollywood can shuttle a serious role with comedy, Goundamani sure is one of them, right from the 80's he has been the only comedian who aids the hero with one liners, then shifts
drastically to the role of an emotional Uncle, Friend, and what not. In 49-O he is a brilliant farmer who sees through the social drama played by corporates and politicians, in fact his opening scene itself is suffice to see what’s in store for 49-O; " Evana Thalaivan akanumnu ungaluku theriyathu, epadi Thalaivana irukanumnu avangalukum theriyathu"!

Goundamani comes as a messiah to his village and the farmers who are tricked into selling their lands to fill their monetary appetite and commitments. A realtor with the backing of a politician tricks the villagers with their usual politics and how Goundamani and his supporters win their lands back forms the storyline. The actor comes with an unusual energy for a 76 year old man, he dances, sings along, talks with a fiery attitude. In an attempt to win back their self-respect and their lost lands, he comes up with a number of tricks - some of them though appearing logic less makes us nod along through the sequences that unveil.

The casting is one of the biggest problems of 49-O, apart from Motta Rajendran, Chaams, Guru Somasundaram, the entire cast appears alien, adding to some mediocre editing the film has some edgy cuts. The film starts off on a promising note, the director touches the shades of revolution with some hardcore dialogues from the ace comedian to an extent that everytime he comes on the screen alongside a Politician; sarcasm and thought provoking dialogues spring out in the open. In the process of winning their lands back, Goundamani goes on a rampage of events and each of them have their own story and a sharp eye would understand the moral of its ploy. With farmer's plight on one hand, the other issue Goundamani keeps striking is the "Give Money Win Vote" concept, and interestingly reverses it as “Want Vote, Give Money", rather hilariously.

Arokiyadoss has done a decent job looking 49-O as a wholesome product showcasing some important social issues and also stressing the importance of 49-O, however loses steam after a promising start trying to bask on Goundamani's counters almost every single instance does not go down too well, adding to the placement of songs makes as if the inclusion of all songs questionable although the lyrics are thought provoking when you listen to them independently.

Verdict : Watch it purely for some thought provoking dialogues and yes, Goundamani!

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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