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90's - A Middle Class Biopic

Drama | Family

Season : 1Episode : 2Release Date : 06/01/2024


In the web series 90s - A Middle-Class Biopic, Shivaji takes the lead role, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of a middle-class family. The series delves into the intricate dynamics of the family.

Rating - 2.75 / 5

90's - A Middle Class Biopic-Nostalgic Moment

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 6, 2024 ]

90's - A Middle Class Biopic - Nostalgic Moment

Shivaji, widely recognized for his impactful presence on Bigg Boss, is poised to take the lead in an exciting web series titled interestingly 90's-A Middle-Class Biopic, the series is directed by Aditya Hasan and features a stellar cast, including Vasuki Anand, Mouli, Vasanthika, Rohan, and Snehal Kamat, each playing significant roles. The eagerly awaited web series is now available for streaming on ETV WIN, starting from January 5, 2024.

90's-A Middle Class Biopic


In the 90s, Chandra Sekhar (Shivaji) earns his livelihood as a government teacher in Wanaparthy. His family includes his wife Rani (Vasuki), a homemaker, and three children - Raghu Teja (Mouli), Divya (Vasanthika), and Aditya (Rohan). Chandra Sekhar, driven by his lifestyle and his role as an educator, tends to adopt a strict approach with his children, particularly when it comes to their education. The series unfolds the intriguing dynamics that arise from these circumstances.


Shivaji effortlessly embraced his role, showcasing a commendable range of emotions and expressions while delivering dialogues with ease. His portrayal of a lecturer with aspirations for his children's success and his depiction of a middle-class father demonstrated his versatility. Vasuki, known for her role as Pawan Kalyan's younger sister in Tholi Prema, delivered a convincing performance as the housewife. Mouli's natural and realistic performance added authenticity to the series, and Vasanthika and Rohan Roy elevated the scenes with their noteworthy performances.

90's-A Middle Class Biopic

Director Aditya Hasan crafted an interesting and engaging narrative, shedding light on the middle-class lifestyle in the 90s in a natural manner. The portrayal of the middle-class lecturer, his family dynamics, and school scenes felt realistic. However, the director missed the opportunity to inject more humor into the series, which could have organically enhanced the portrayal of middle-class situations. While the series aimed for naturalness, a bit more humor could have added depth. Some laughs were shared through Arjun's mischievous character, but the series could have benefited from more light-hearted moments.

90's-A Middle Class Biopic

Suresh Bobbili's soothing and soulful music effectively set the tone for the story, immersing viewers in the narration. Cinematographer Azeem Mohammad showcased the middle-class environment and 90s scenes in an appealing and captivating manner, capturing the essence of the era. The production values were commendable, contributing to the overall quality of the series.

90's-A Middle Class Biopic


Director Aditya Hasan skillfully presented a compelling middle-class story set in the 90s, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey. While the episodes were generally interesting, there were moments, particularly in the third episode, where the pace slowed down a bit. The series could have been even more entertaining with the inclusion of a few additional hilarious scenes, enhancing the overall appeal of this serious middle-class biopic.


Cast: Shivaji, Mouli, Vasuki Anand, Vasanthika, Rohan, Snehal Kamat

Director: Aditya Haasan

Music: Suresh Bobbili

Producer: Naveen Medaram, Rajasekhar Medaram

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