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Indo-American Gangster Flick "Mumbhai Connection" gets U/A Censor Rating

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 • Hindi Comments

The upcoming Hindi language dark comedy film "Mumbhai Connection" was given a "U/A" rating by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification on Aug 19th, 2014. It is slated to release in theaters everywhere on Aug 22nd, 2014.

Director Atlanta Nangendra was actually a little surprised at the edits required by the Censor Board which included a total of 32 bleeps of words considered ill-suited for children and young adults. According to Nagendra,"Mumbhai Connection has some mafia language by its very nature, both in Hindi for the Mumbai Underworld characters and in English for the Atlanta mafia characters, but nothing that would be considered particularly profane in everyday life. The language is only expected and even the screenplay was originally written keeping in mind the sensibilities of the Indian viewers and censor board but I guess it was not enough...Thankfully however, the mutings have not taken away from the meaning of the dialog or the flow or the atmosphere. This truly is a different story, audiences won’t know what’s coming next and will be fully entertained and be able to fully follow the superfast narrative as we follow the struggle of the hero, Faisal Khan, an Indian IT salesman in Atlanta, who is forced to sell IT to the mafia."

Mumbhai Connection is the first Hindi film to be set and shot in Atlanta. It has been much recognized and appreciated in US and won multiple film festivals. However, it’s by no means just an artsy festival film. It is real commercial film entertainer, complete with item number and even has an important message for those in the field of IT, especially those looking to work in the US.

Running length is 90 minutes. It releases in theaters everywhere on Aug 22nd.

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