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Aadukalam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 15, 2011 • Tamil ]
Aadukalam Review
Group Company
Dhanush, Tapsee
Vetri Maaran
S. Kathiresan

Director Vettrimaran proved that he is a man of substance in 'Polladhavan'. He reiterates it with more conviction and courage in 'Aadukalam'. With Dhanush again in the company, he has crafted a story that is meaningful and loaded with faces whom we often see in our midst. The core word is realistic and touchy.

After a sci-fi film in 'Enthiran', Sun Pictures have gone to the roots of our culture and they have managed to produced a film that strikes our heart instantly, which they could feel proud of. Vettrimaran deserves all pat for narrating a simple story with intricate and complex emotions in a nice manner.

The essence of true friendship, love in hatred and hatred in love and betrayal are highlighted in a excellent way by the director. Unlike the regular run-of-the-mill Madurai movies, 'Aadukalam' has more substance to chew for the masses. It is strikingly different and Madurai just forms part of the story.

If Vettrimaran is the flesh and blood, Dhanush is the soul. Doing the roles of boy-next-door is like a cakewalk for this lanky actor. His intense performance is the hallmark of the movie. He leaves a magic with callous dialogue delivery and apt body language. He seems to be in more comfort when he works with Vettrimaran.

Coming to the script, everything is new in 'Aadukalam'. Perhaps a different pitch where Vettrimaran goes all guns blazing. The story unfolds in a suburb in Madurai where cock fight is the most happening thing. Be it sorrow or joy or be it to proclaim the superior status in the village, rooster fight is played with all seriousness.

K P Karuppu (Dhanush) does everything and works tirelessly for Pettaikaran (Jayabalan). Pettaikaran is a stud in the sport and he had won many cock fights .There is one Dorai (Kishore), who too is an assistant to Pettaikaran. Obviously ego flare up between Dorai and Karuppu is bound to to be there.

Karuppu comes across an Anglo Indian girl Irene (Tapsee), living in the nearby railway colony. Innocent Karuppu tries ways and means to impress Irene. Meanwhile there is a cop in the same town - Rathnaswamy (Naren) who is also involved in cock fight and a name to reckon with in the sport.

All troubles break loose when he plans a fight with Pettaikaran. They manage to obtain permission from all authorities concerned and the sport for prestige begins. Interestingly the former adopts all fraudulent methods to scuttle Pettaikaran. When Pettaikaran loses at the start, enters Karuppu to save his master's pride.

He matches Rathnaswamy's tricks and emerges winner. A jealous Pettaikaran now disowns Karuppu. The victory brings laurels in Karuppu's shoulder and soon he becomes a star in the neighbourhood. Pettaikaran plan a plot to avenge him. This enmity snowballs in to a huge crisis leading to a racy climax.

'Aadukalam' is a whiff of fresh air in cliched Tamil cinema. Dhanush is at it giving one of his best . He is right there giving an astounding performance from frame one. He is at ease with Madurai diction of Tamil. WIth a perfect body language, Dhanush walks away with all aplomb.

Jayabalan is a perfect choice for the character of Pettaikaran. He lives up to the role and delivers dialogues with such power and punch. Kishore as usual does the job entrusted to him well. But a surprise package in the cast is Tapsee. She in the role of Anglo Indian girl is simple, sweet and elegant.

Vettrimaran has entrusted that it should not just be a superior product with a strong story but should be technically-rich. Dialogues and razor sharp editing (Kishore) besides cool visuals of Velraj adds strength. G V Prakash's catchy musical score is another plus for the film. Songs and background score go hand-in-hand withe the theme.

However on the flip side, some dragging moments in second half could have been avoided. On the whole, it was an different experience watching a different film. Hats off Vettrimaran and team and three cheers to Dhanush. 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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