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Aambala Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, January 14, 2015 • Tamil ]
Aambala Review
Vishal Film Factory
Vishal, Hansika Motwani, Prabhu, Sathish, Nandita
Kushboo Sundar, Vishal, Sundar C.

Sundar C is a name analogous with mass entertainment. First things first, this Pongal is assured of packed entertainment from the ace director. Vishal is an action hero, Sundar C has worked on two projects consecutively with Hansika on different story lines. Village based story with Vishal in the lead, with Sundar C behind the screens. Action, humour, romance and masala - there was enough to expect from the film. The wait has come to an end, and 'Aambala' is definitely everything that you would want from an entertainer!

For the first half of the movie, the director takes his beauty time to establish all characters, on a riotously funny screenplay. A ruffian - Saravanan (Vishal) in the company of a policeman (Santhanam) caught in the clutches of fate, falls in love with an angelic woman Maya (Hansika). Due to a turn of events, Saravanan sets out on a mission to discover his father, and also finds his brother and stepbrother eventually. Next mission is to reunite the big family, with his aunts. Serious and stern? But, on the amazing screenplay that assures taut grip yet bouts of laughter.

Does Saravanan and his brothers succeed in the mission to unite their family? Next in line is an extension to the love story and a lot of allied family affairs , with a twist of political drama. Generations of pented up anger, family scuffle and misunderstanding with generous dosage of action to justify for the grudge and scuffle, but an unimaginably high dosage of humour, though going on an overrun at times, but never failing to impress, is all that 'Aambala' brings you for this Pongal.

What works:

Trust Sundar C to tickle your funny bone, and he gets you in splits all through the film. For a change, Vishal is on a role lighter than ever before, keeping you spirited up in his striking presence all through. He has been characterised as Saravanan, who is sincere and smart, and he delivers in class. Hansika in her bubbliest ever charm is a bomb! The beautiful ladies cast as the elder generation - Ramya Krishnan, Aishwarya and Kiran, apart from Prabhu as the father and Santhanam, Sathish and Vaibhav, all do their little but essential part to thread the story together. Santhanam and Sathish are two men that keep the ball rolling in fun and frolic, in the movie.

Debutante and an innate rapper, but to hell with apprehensions, Adhi is the new promising kid in the block, the one who composes for the youth. Gopi Amarnath's lens and Srikanth's editing work hand in hand for a vibrant picture of Ooty, Madurai and the sets.

Could it have been better...?

Just as much you are mesmerised by the entertainment factor, it is possible to think in retrospect that some minor folds could have been polished better...

  • Initially, the director takes ample time to establish the characters, which could have gone for snip, but also only forgoing on a share of comic repartee.
  • Flashback of Saravanan's love story seems too predictable on the impact it had on Rajashekar. Also, just as Vaibhav has an extended presence on screen, his role is also quite clear
  • Though it is comic, concluding the roots of their ancestory based on a glass of spirit  is a little overboard for the moment, lest you forget it over the hurting tummy you have, over Sathish and Santhanam's one liners.
  • Just as much as we love Hiphop Thamizha and would love to listen to his soul awakening music, the songs are more for the youth and the ones young at heart. All said, here's to a new league in Kollywood BGM.

'Aambala' sums up action, masala and romance in the totality of rib tickling humor. There is clean romance, a thick story line, packed with agreeable fights, crafted beautifully and delivered on a platter of humour, that hardly a moment skips without laughing. Vishal, Sundar C and team have launched themselves unshakable, devoid of being overshadowed, on a high entertainment genre, this festive season.

Rating: 3/5 - Perfect family entertainment

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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