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Actress affected by Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya tests COVID 19 positive for third time

Sunday, May 24, 2020 • Tamil Comments

Actress affected by Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya  tests COVID 19 positive for third time

They say that lightning does not strike in the same place twice but it looks like in some people's life it does, not twice but thrice and even more than that. Actress Danna Garcia is a famous face in Columbian and Hollywood circles for her work in ‘Hidden Passion’ and has even dubbed for 'Toy Story 3'. The 42-year-old has been in isolation from March this year after testing positive for COVID 19 and her recent third test too showed the presence of the virus in her system.

Danna Garcia has stated just six weeks before testing positive for COVID 19 she had suffered from dengue fever and was hospitalized for five days in January. She also shared that three years back she had been afflicted by Zika, a mosquito-borne flavivirus which causes fever, rash and conjunctivitis, among other symptoms. A few months back she also had chikungunya another mosquito-borne disease that fever and joint pain.

“I know, it sounds like a joke,” Danna Garcia said in the interview and added " think all these illnesses attack your immune system and I just haven’t been able to recover because my immune system is still weak. When I was tested positive the first time I spoke to my family to give them instructions as to what I wanted them to do with my son and who should take care of him, what my wishes were,” She also added that "I am again positive for coronavirus. I am lost for words. Thanks to all who have supported me

Danna Garcia has shared that the first month she suffered from accelerated heart rate, her jaw was numb and she couldn't feel her arm. She feels most pain because her two year old son whom she has with journalist Iván González has forgotten her after living with relatives and not seeing her for so many months.

Doctors are of the opinion that Danna Garcia may not be reinfected with coronavirus but rather a reactivation of the virus or a prolonged recuperation without symptoms


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