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Actress shows tattoo on her body after hiding it for 15 years

Thursday, July 8, 2021 • Tamil Comments

Actress Sanjjana Galrani the elder sister of Nikki Galrani has acted in many Kannada and Telugu films and is also starring in a new Tamil movie that has Vijay TV Ramar as the male lead. There were rumours floating around about her love affair with a doctor and only recently she announced that she is married to him.

Now Sanjjana has posted a photo of herself showing her back and the name of her lover turned husband Azeez tattoed on it and has written a long post about it. "Here is a tattoo that I’m revealing , which is very personalised and close to my heart , of the Love of my Life … I Had kept it under wraps all these years because I wanted to keep my Love Personalized and away from Character assassination‘s & unnecessary Gossips .. Now that we are officially Married I am portraying it as the “Strength” that I live with .

The actress has added "Being in a “ Actresses “ profession , face so many unnecessary Allegations of linkups with men of all brigades, literally friends whom we are seen with more than one or two times , it’s “Funny” but I’m talking Facts .. while I remember being Victimised myself , my younger “ Rakhi Brother “ also was declared as my “ Sugar daddy Boyfriend” there fore even a brother seen in public many times with an actress becomes our so called public boyfriends ???? How badly I feel “ Victimised “ ? Mentally Disturbing isn’t it ???

Sanjjana has questioned "And if the opposite person the “ Friend “ or “Wellwisher” , is a Famous Actor , politician or Cricketer … it’s declared that the Friendship is beyond boundaries with out any proof or Evidence .. with 1000 Diffrent versions of Stories , “ Wow “ Disgustingly Sad that we are in such a closed Minded Society “ where even in 2021 , Many judge Relationships in a Cheap Vision .."

The happily married Sanjjana has concluded showering praises on her hubby "But in the Midst of all these Issues , Allegations & Negativity , True love finds its way & Only true lovers stand for each other … Truth finally Prevails . There fore here is a part of “My body” where I dedicate it to the Man I love , with Penning down his Name on me … Now & For ever .. Love you Azeez … I thank the almighty for every year of my life I spent with you in the last 15 years as a True Friend , A lover , A husband & A Father Like mentor .."

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