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Adyaksha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 16, 2014 • Kannada ]
Adyaksha Review
Shanker Movies
Sharan, Heba Patil, Asmita Soodh, Ravishanker, Chikkanna and others.
BK Gangadhar and B Basavaraj
Arjun Janya

Sharan continues his 'Victory' in convincing style in this 'Sharan Adyaksha'. Nandakishore directed 102nd of Sharan's 'Victory' is back with another hilarious movie with gripping narration. It is second win for Nandakishore who is now in Kichcha Sudeep film direction of Telugu remake ‘Attarintiki Daredi’.
It is fourth in a row ever since 100th film ‘Rambo’ for Sharan. Rambo, Victory and Jai Lalitha comforted the producers and also scaled the remuneration of this actor Sharan. The wit, quick reactions, dialogue speed, dance and romantic mood of Sharan are admirable in this film.
For the Kannada nativity the Tamil film ‘Varathapada Valibar Sangham’ has been very well adjusted. The length of 147 minutes is the slight hitch. It is a family entertainer cinema and you would burst out with laugh quite often.
In the village dominated by Rudre Gowda (Ravishanker) the useless youths Chandrasekhar Gowda (Sharan) and Narayan Gowda (Chikkanna) form ‘Chi Tu Sangha’. Wanderers in the village the duo are biters of Rudre Gowda. The marriage of Rudre Gowda daughter Aishwarya (Heba Patil) is stopped by Chandrasekhar Gowda, posing as lawyer in front of cop Malavika Avinash, the fury increases in Rudre Gowda.
Chandrasekhar Gowda on the other hand fails to get Kalyani teacher in the village school but finally loves Aishwarya daughter of Rudre Gowda his arch rival.
In the same village Rudre Gowda has another prestige question. He wants his daughter to give in marriage for a reputed personality. Otherwise he has to cut his ear. He got deceived for his earlier two daughters.
Chandrasekhar Gowda has to convince Rudre Gowda to get approval for marriage with Aishwarya, Rudre Gowda on the other hand has to save his ear. In the meantime Chandrasekhar Gowda saving a cow from a well get him more marks. In a protracted screenplay the end is convincing for all.
Dialogues of Prashanth is very absorbing and according to the images of artists. The village festival dance with Benki Latha played by Roopasri and later the competition song is a real treat.
Sharan responsibility increases from this film like how his bank balance is increasing. He has to get hold of much higher strength films for future. Chikkanna at places gets more whistle than Sharan. Ravishanker as village head has a mix of emotions, comedy and dance he does at the village festival is stunning.
Kannada cinema industry has got a lovely actress Heba Patil from this film. She is like a cool breeze in her looks. For traditional roles Heba has a long stay. Satyajith as supporting character has a terrific flow of dialogues. Veena Sunder and Ramesh Bhat are also apt.
Arjun Janya continues his journey with success. The title song, Kannigu Kannigu Kitakiya Anthara…and Phonu Illa Message Illa…in which Srinagara Kitty, Srimurali and Lovely star Premkumar appears are well done.
Sudhakar also increase the value for this film with fitting camera work.
Engaging Entertainer – 7/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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