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Alag Preview

Alag Peview
Akshay Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Vinod Khanna, Mukesh Tiwari, Sharat Saxena, Yatin Karyekar, Beena
Ashu Trikha
Subi Samuel


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Is being different good?
Is being different a boon?
Is being different a CURSE!?

These are some of the questions for which Tejas wanted an answer. And now he takes you through a journey in his quest to find the ultimate truth. He is going through a different kind of experience and is in turmoil. Why?

Because he is 'alag'! Different! And all alone!

The story of 'Alag' begins with a death. Hemant Rastogi is a middle aged man who was supposed to be staying all alone in a house. Suddenly there is news about his death and police is called. Upon investigation, police realizes that there is something eerie, something strange about the whole setting. From the house to its lone occupant, there is some secret behind the closed doors that made its presence felt. What was it?

Their doubts about the house become stronger when they are told by neighbors that the house was occupied not just by Hemant Rastogi but someone else too.

Someone who was unseen
Someone whose identity was not known to anyone
Someone who gave an impression of walking alone in the dead of the night

Doubts start arising about this person. Is it a living being? Or a ghost?

As suspense continues to pile up, a shocking finding hits everyone hard! Police comes to know that there indeed was another occupant to the house. This person was a young boy who had been hidden in the house for, believe it or not, EIGHTEEN YEARS, and didn't have any knowledge about the outside world.

This boy was none other than Hemant's own son - TEJAS [Akshay Kapoor]!

Why? That's the question which came to everyone's mind after the shocking finding! Why would anyone keep his own son confined in dark isolation? What was his fault? What would be his life from hereon?

It is decided that Tejas would be admitted to an institute that was run by Purva [Dia Mirza]. The sole aim of this institution was to look after orphans and those youngsters who had just stepped into the world of crime and show some hopes of returning back to the normal life. Purva is happy to look after Tejas but is meanwhile intrigued by his personality!

He is simply different from any other man. He looks 'different'. He acts 'different'. In nutshell, he is just 'alag' from whatever she had seen in mankind so far!

What's so different about him?

As Purva shows her care and love for Tejas, he too is more than excited to taste the flavor of the world that is hitherto unknown to him. Yes, being a well read person who had finished countless books while in isolation, he did have a fair (though theoretical) idea about the outside world, but it was going to be some journey for him when it came to living life practically!

While Tejas wants to learn everything around him he also realizes that the world as seen in books was quite different from what he was seeing through his own eyes. Things were not merely good or bad, black or white - there were far more complexities involved!

Meanwhile Purva too starts observing some unknown traits about Tejas. He was not just different when it came to his physical self. There were many more factors about him that amazed her and made her look at him in awe! That's because Tejas had some special powers that were never before witnessed by mankind! In nutshell, Tejas was a powerful person that belied all logic and theory!

Who is Tejas? What are his powers? From where has he come? Is he someone from the outside world who has been thrust upon earth? Or is he God's gift to mankind?

Most importantly, how does someone like Tejas fit in today's society?

A soul stirring and emotional film, 'Alag