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Allu Arjun & Prabhas are on either side: Pradeep Machiraju

Thursday, March 12, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Allu Arjun & Prabhas are on either side: Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep Machiraju awaits the release of '30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela' on March 25. Ahead of its release, IndiaGlitz spoke to the TV anchor-turned-actor and he shared some very interesting things with us.

What does he find hardest to pull off on screen? "I find difficult to emote in romantic scenes. Making people laugh is hard. Making people cry is hard, too. But getting it right in romantic scenes is the hardest for me. It's not easy to convey love through eyes, to strike chemistry with your female lead," Pradeep says.

Talking about the three women he looks up to in the TV industry, Pradeep says, "Suma garu is my favourite actor. She is such a nice person and has been irreplaceable despite so many out there in the race. As for beauty, I see Rashmi and Anasuya as the most beautiful anchors. It's because of them that the TV industry has seen new styles with respect to costumes, styling, etc," Pradeep says.

"The one thing that I like the most about the film industry is that you can call it quits by 6pm. This is not possible in the TV industry no matter how much you try. Of late, it's slowly becoming systematic and streamlined in the TV industry as well. We are trying our best to wrap it up by 6pm. It's getting more organized," he adds.

"Although people praise my voice, I can't think of dubbing for any actor in cinema. My voice is my asset. However, when I was a child, not many were fond of it," Pradeep reveals.

"Everybody wants to grow. I have become a producer (of a TV talk show) for selfish reasons. I had to struggle when I was a nobody. When young aspirants message me and talk about their plans, I feel like doing something for them. I am ready to encourage talents as a producer," Pradeep says. "I would like to work with every hero and, and if I get the opportunity and reach a big stage in life, I will want to bankroll a film of Pawan Kalyan garu, Tarak anna, etc," he adds.

"I feel fortunate that my debut film as a hero will be released by Geetha Arts and UV Creations. I see only Allu Arjun garu on the one side and Prabhas garu on the other. These are humble, sweet people. The two banners are their home banners. I can't ask for more," Pradeep says.

"My female fans love me a lot. I like it when they flirt with me. I am very special to them and form into groups to do charity work in my name. Although boys too are part of such groups, these are dominated by girls. They update me about charity activities. I have done nothing for them. All that I do is entertain them. Yet, they do many things in my name. Male fans, too, love me a lot," Pradeep signs off.

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