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Alone Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 28, 2015 • Kannada ]
Alone Review
Nikisha Patel, Vasishta
Ananth and Ramalingaiah
Sujith Shetty

Title - Alone, Producers - Ananth and Ramalingaiah, Direction - JKS, Music - Sujith Shetty, Cinematography - Jai Anand, Cast - Nikisha Patel, Vasishta, Simran, Iniya, Ganesh, Bullet Prakasyh, Tabala Naani, Dilip, Avinash, Mangaluru Suresh, Shanthamma and others.

A senior actress Simran of South India gives a punching performance in her short presence while Nikisha Patel haunts the young hearts in a captivating narration of `Alone' that is in the direction of JKS. This RJ Creations Ananth and Ramalingaiah maiden production first half is sickening. One would feel bored. But the second half is such a magnificent handling from the director. The thrill, action, surprises doles out in the last 20 minutes - that is also the entry of top south Indian actress Simran.

`Nambikeye Jeevana' - belief is life is the famous statement. It is exactly on this statement the film `Alone' is based. The female protagonist of the film Priya (Nikisha Patel) strongly believe her friend Ramya (Iniya). The ulterior motive of Ramya is something different. Remaining a good friend in the life of Priya she gives a real shock. That is for the affluence Priya carries after her father passing away.

Ramya, John and Arun (Iniya, Vasishta and Arun) hatch a plot and bring Priya the affluent girl to the single house on the beach side. For bringing Priya to beach side house they cook up a situation. The background for Priya coming to live alone is because of loss of her father, sister Shanthi and her child Pinky.

In emotion Priya now comes under commotion. Ramya and team are almost successful in making Priya as a mad girl. It is very cleverly handled situation in all the places. John (Vasishta) who comes close is a dead man is the focus that really irks Priya. Priya is very close to John and believe him completely. It is complete ditch for her in life.

When Arun and Priya are tied in hideout and signature of Priya is sought, it is Arun who urge her not to sign property papers. At this moment arrives the super cop Simran in style. The super cop beats up in electrifying style. She also exposes the main behind all these activities Arun. John who is declared dead ten years ago is none other than Ram who is in the company of Ramya and Arun.

Nikisha Patel not only looks hot but she has capacity to touch the hearts from her acting. Simran is best part of the film. Iniya as a friend has pretty looks; Vasishta getting in to a lengthy role is very convincing. The music for the film is not value addition while cinematography gives lovely feast to the eyes. Jai Anand camera top angle and wide angle are superb.

JKS is no doubt a good director but his medicine for the first half should have been different.

For second half of the film you have to tolerate the first half.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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