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Anna Bond Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, May 2, 2012 • Kannada ]
Anna Bond Review
Puneeth Rajakumar, Priyamani, Nidhi Subbaiah, Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu
Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar
V Harikrishna

The biggest brand in the box office today power star Puneeth Rajakumar is bounded to do well in 'Anna Bond'! His binding to cinema, power to express, time sense to react, accuracy towards his work, he is bound to win and that is what happens. The toughness in the protagonist in 'Anna Bond' that is loaded with action is shown in the script director Soori could have given another stunner. He stuns only in action in 'Anna Bond'.

Anna Bond created major hype before the release and after the release for the fans Puneeth Rajakumar there is no disappointment but discerning film viewers expected more from this Soori and Puneeth Rajakumar combination. It is a paisa Vasool cinema in a commercial package.

Anna Bond in the title is Bond Ravi (Puneeth Rajakumar) in the village. He has the rare qualities of learning everything fast and he turns a popular member in the local healer of pains. That ability in Bond Ravi brings him to the house of Army officer Chandrakanth who is having pain in his nerves in the leg. How Bond Ravi and his friend Chapathi Babu (Rangyaana Raghu) are brought to the dense forest of Army officer surprises him. The death of local healer in the village is mistaken by Bond Ravi and Chapathi Babu when they are taken by an Army van.

It is at the Chandrakanth (Avinash) place a major shoot out takes place and Charlie (Jackie Shroff) looking for life is given a lesson here by Bond Ravi. Charlie knowing that his daughter is living with Chandrakanth runs away for a serious reply by Bond Ravi. By this time it is a love to one stage between Bond Ravi and Meera (Priyamani) daughter of Chandrakanth. There is another girl called Divya (Nidhi Subbaiah) in the family of Chandrakanth very naughty and bubbly. Divya is the daughter of Charlie. Without knowing it Charlie takes revenge on Divya and later shoots down Chandrakanth two legs on knowing Divya is his daughter. In anger Charlie takes Meera to his custody. The climax is set for a mega kick boxing and head fight (what we have seen in `Appu' debut as hero of Puneeth Rajakumar).

In the cruelest den of Charlie a drug mafia anti social element the power of Bond Ravi surface fully. It is a mind blowing action in the climax to save Meera.

This is a fully loaded action cinema from power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He looks absolutely fit and his kick boxing is chilling. What he needed was more emotional scenes because he is a terrific actor. Rangayana Raghu as Chapathi Babu at some places crosses the limit and there is no control in his dialogues.

Priyamani looks charming and has also done her job neatly. Dancing with Puneeth Rajakumar she is fabulous. There is not much scope to the talent of Nidhi Subbaiah.

Jackie Shroff at this age as mafia don delivering the Kannada dialogues deserved to be better. V Manohar and Avinash are apt for the roles.

The other two winners in this commercial entertainer are music director V Harikrishna and cameraman Sathya Hegde.

Three songs of V Harikrishna - Enendhu Hersaridali...Thumba Nodbedi...and title track are too good. Sathya Hegde struggle to catch up with the breezy style of action is not an easy task.

A film for action lovers! Puneeth Rajakumar fans not to miss!

Score - 6.5/10 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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