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Aranmanai 2 Music Review

Aranmanai 2 Music Review
Sri Thenandal Films
Siddarth, Hansika Motwani, Trisha, Poonam Bajwa, Soori, Sundar.C
Hiphop Tamizha
IndiaGlitz [Monday, December 28, 2015 • தமிழ்] Comments

The promised sequel to last year's take by Sundar C, a comedy-horror film starring Siddharth, Trisha and Hansika, 'Aranmanai 2' is ready to hit the big screen, shortly. While Hiphop Tamizha have been rolling out one chart buster after another, here's one more album, straight from their studios - but this time, it is a lot different.

1. Party With The Pei - Listen Here
Voices: Hiphop Tamizha, Kharesma Ravichandran
Lyrics: Hiphop Tamizha

Eerily dark night, every step resounding in the stillness, lightenings guiding way to a creepy yet extravagant historic mansion against distant screams, and with no route out  - the typical scene for a spooky horror story is all set. Stiff beats echoing at a distance and a hint of few keys on the backdrop, the song begins to resonate spook from its first note. The lyrics, however, unfold to be inviting; the voices of Adhi and Kharesma are magnetic in mesmerising and drawing us into the trap of no escape. Conceptualised to be a number sung by the spirits themselves, the song is spooky, yet peppy, as the ghosts turn out to be party animals after all! The piece of rap is a series of intermittent couplets on a funny note, but along the lines spook. High energy thumps against Arabic style of music creates the effect of a charmer's cue, as we find ourselves dancing to this compelling party number.

2. Maya Maya - Listen Here
Voices: Kailash Kher, Padmalatha
Lyrics: Vivek

In the second track, the album transitions to a happy song, sung in acclamation of the celebrated daughter of the house, the princess. This song opens in the splendour of a royal welcome, created by orchestra. Just as the title chorus mellowa down, Kailash Kher's voice booms in, packed in zeal, supported by dholak; Padmalatha's rendition is soft, and the little giggling intricacies sound sweet in her voice. Usage of shehnai in signature, elevates the festivity of the song to a greater grandiose, while also painting a picture of aristocracy; the little touch of pipe completes the picture's royalty. Vivek's lyrics convey the love of a family and an entire kingdom, for the celebrated princess, in choice poesy. The entire song has a special depth of grandeur, thanks to a quartet that plays as prime background score, from end to end.

3. Poraada Poraada - Listen Here
Voice: Hiphop Tamizha
Lyrics: Hiphop Tamizha

Next in line is a comforting number. The song opens with lyrics, by Adhi, gathering volume in guitar and then sets to rhythm with drums. With all the beats and keys, 'Poraada Poraada' is a hiphop song in a soothing tune and clear lyrics; it also has desi twist, with borrowed elements of shehnai and dholak. The beats are rhythmic throughout, but for the signatures, where it races in sync with heartbeats. Set to a simple tune, and sung in poetry of intelligible lyrics, 'Poraada Poraada' is a straightforward number. All said, despite emoting sadness, this track is rather upbeat for a love failure song.

4. Kuchi Mittai - Listen Here
Voice: Anthony Dasan
Lyrics: Hiphop Tamizha

Seeming like a chaos of various sounds initially, the song takes shape and the rhythm becomes traceable only once the beats set in. 'Kuchi Mittai' is an intelligent folk composition; although the song is dominated by drums for background music, this track finds its stronghold in folk genre with the usage of nadaswaram and tavil. Anthony Dasan sings in an effort to remind the lady love of the hero's sincerity. Lyrics of this song are off-the-wall and lighthearted; all the verses are inspired from some of the best trended dialogues (or styles) in Tamil cinema. Seemingly simple, yet musically intricate, 'Kuchi Mittai' is, on the whole, buoyant.

5. Amma (The Amman Song) - Listen Here
Voices: Hiphop Tamizha, Malathi Lakshman, Anthony Dasan, Vishnu Priya
Lyrics: Piraiaoodan

Beginning on a devotional note, and graduating to high energy with the beats, 'Amma' is a song in prayer to the almighty goddess, in Her ferocious avatar. After a very long hiatus, this song has brought Malathi Lakshman back, at the mic; the petition for good to prevail, in her voice, sounds powerful yet subdued. The song opens to the notes of archaic trumpets, before gathering drum beats. Throughout the song, background music plays an assortment of instruments ranging from violins and conch to chenda and chimes - this creates a gradient of projection to the song, overall. The song gathers pace post the second stanza, after a brief rendition by Hiphop Tamizha. Tempo rises and all the instruments sync in to play in accord, towards a zealous prayer, for about a minute before climaxing in high energy.

6. Aranmanai 2 Theme - Listen Here
Artist: Hiphop Tamizha

Signature of spook in most horror stories, this theme begins with the sound of a toy and a soft hum against it. The song suddenly gathers spirit and jumps straight to high power beats and a massive quartet orchestra. An electric guitar guides the song to the next change in tempo, to a highly racy tune. The track seemingly slows down, but rises in bass, with a steady rise in the force of violin music. The song winds back to a brief piece of the hum as in the beginning. An assortment of voices is also used, but in moderation, to complete the package of fear and horror.

With six tracks and each belonging to a different genre, all that the album of 'Aranmanai 2' has been able to throw light on, is that the film is going to be a horror thriller. For those who have associated Hiphop Tamizha only with love and social awareness, this album is the best demonstration of their impeccable myriad talent.

Rating  : 3/5
Verdict : Subjective, superlative