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Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar

Comedy | Drama | Sex

Season : 1Episode : 5Release Date : 29/06/2023


Reputed content creating platform Aha is back with a web series titled, Ardaminda Arun Kumar which is streaming on OTT platform from today onwards. Lets Review it.

Rating - 2.75 / 5

Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar - Showcases The Hurdles In Corporate World

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 30, 2023 ]

Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar - Showcases the hurdles in corporate world

Reputed content creating platform Aha is back with a web series titled, Ardaminda Arun Kumar which is streaming on OTT platform from today onwards. Lets Review it.


A guy named Arun Kumar (Harshith Reddy) from Amalapuram has a dream of working at a corporate office. To fullfill his dreams, Arun Kumar comes to Hyderabad and joins a start-up company where he will be treated like a slave by his higher officials. During this time he cross his paths with a lady named Shalini (Tejaswi Madivada) and with encouragement from her Arun Kumar proves himself. Simultaneously, his rapport with an employee named Pallavi (Ananya) develops who works in the team of Shalini. What happens to the further consequences? How will Arun Kumar loses Pallavi's trust due to personal attach with Shalini? Will Pallavi face any professional troubles, forms the crucial crux.

Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar Web Series Review

p style="text-align: justify;">Analysis:


The show is an official remake of Hindi series titled Chukyagiri. Director Jonathan Edwards treatment of Telugu version Ardaminda Arun Kumar is appealing manner.

Who a youngster sustain in the corporate world? What kind of hurdles he faces during the course of time? Is what rhe web Series deals with. To this simple point, the triangle love story is added as a bonus and the team has ended the first season. How an intend establishes his place as a permanent employee within one month time is projected neatly without going depth in the prospects and the message is also coated on a lighter vein is the best thing of the show.

The way Arun Kumar is enters with a lot of dreams into the corporate office and soon turns as Tea master is projected nicely. The drama created in the meantime and the problems faced by Arun Kumar simultaneously by handling the things with his girlfriend Pallavi are showcases with a realistic approach and generates good fun to the viewers.

Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar Web Series Review

After the entry of Shalini character the pace of show increases. The glamorous quote in the show has been projected neatly without going overboard. How she utilizes the talent in Arun Kumar both professional and personally has been presented in an convincing manner.

The best part of the series is that it do not have any unwanted deviations like character introduction elevations and stick to the core point. Adding to it, the duration of each episode of the show is summarize with a crisper narrative which comes as an advantage for this five-episode series.

Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar Web Series Review

Acting-wise, Harshith Reddy impresses with his natural acting. His facial expressions and his actions during the entire show are apt to proceedings and brings depth to the whole show. Tejaswi Madivada is okay with her acting in the given glamorous role. Ananya is cute on screen and impresses with her acting in the given purposeful role. The other technical team did a fine job in their respective branches.


On the whole, Ardaminda Arun Kumar is a passable watch for the natural acting of Harshith Reddy and other key actors. The hurdles in the co-corporate world are showcased in a realistic manner which makes the show a passable watch during this weekend.


Cast: Harshith Reddy, Ananya Sharma, Tejaswi Madivada

Director: Jonathan Edwards

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