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Aridhu Aridhu Music Review

Aridhu Aridhu Music Review
J K Creations
Harish, Uttara
KR Mathivanan
J. Jayakrishna
S. Thaman
Aridhu Aridhu
Not so rare music
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, July 6, 2010 • தமிழ்] Comments

`Aridhu Aridhu' is a film produced by Jaya Krishnan under the banner JK Creations and directed by KR Mathivanan who was an erstwhile assistant to director Shankar. Director said," The film is based on the line `Aridhu Aridhu Manidarai Pirathal Ardhu' from Avaiyar which means' it is rare to be born as a human.

New faces Harish and Uthara are playing the lead characters in this film. Harish is the son of the famous Audio Company Five Star owner Kalyan. Uthara, a new face is a winner of a beauty contest in New Zealand in 2008. Hollywood actress Princess Jasmine of `Ghost Rider' fame is also acting in an important role in this film.

Thaman has composed the music. `Aridhu Aridhu' music was released at a function was held at Sathyam Cinemas on June 12.

1. Oo! Lalali - Listen here

Singer: Suchitra

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

"Oo! Lalali" song is very Techno sounding with its arrangements and the song is not for its lyric. Suchitra's trademark attitude in the vocals adds sensuousness to the song. A bratish girl song with Tanglish words may be aimed at a particular group only and not in audience general. Thaman's too much dependence on electronics hampers the lyric but again likeable for the arrangements.

2. Kanavugal Eduvarai - Listen here

Singers: Thaman. S, Benny Dayal

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

Again a song with super fast music arrangements.  Seems a song of liberation and human emotional freedom, but the lyric could have been let little more freely audible by Thaman. More a rap and reggae mixed with heavy bass strings. Would have been a great song if only the heavy rhythms had been little under played and some importance given to the words.

3. Missing Something - Listen here

Singer: Reeta

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

The opening violin is a prelude to what's inside this lovely romantic solo. The voice of Reeta is silky, smooth and at the same time and sounds like that of a passionate lover. The heroine is from New Zealand and so looks this song filled with a lot of English. Simple background rhythms and ensemble with percussive instruments and guitars makes this song worth a listen. Pick of the pack.

4. Azhaghai Sirithaiyada - Listen here

Singer: Thaman. S, KR. Mathivanan

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

This is a philosophical duet by the film director Mathivanan and music director Thaman. Mathivanan sounds little Illayarajaistic in this reflective song.

5. Saturday Girlodu - Listen here

Singer: Ujjaini

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

This considerably peppy song by Ujjaini is very cosmopolitan. We heard a similar Ujjaini in "Nee Marlyn Monroe Clonongaa" in `ATM'. Lyric may be silly but the energy is intact throughout the song. Rhythm techniques are as usual as normally used for these kinds of songs.

6. Un Uyirai - Listen here

Singer: Karthik

Lyricist: KR. Mathivanan

"Un Uyirai" is the only soft melody in the album. Karthik as always breeze through beautifully. A thoughtful lyric has been sensitively handled by Thaman. Though the track is slow to begin you will not realize when the song ends. So nicely it flows.

After Eeram, Mundhinam Paartheney and now with Aridhu Aridhu, Thaman is surely coming on his own. But he should also give some importance lyrics. In fact he did in his previous films. Even in a mass, commercial song words do matter for a listener however crappy they are. Filmy audiences don't want to hear instrumentals. On the whole this album is passable with a couple of good numbers like "Missing Something" and "Un Uyirai".