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Ashoka Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 20, 2006 • Kannada ]
Ashoka Review
Shivrajkumar, Srinivasamurthy, Sunitha Varma, Satyaprakash, Satyajith,Ashok, Govinda Rao, Tejasri
Ramesh Yadav
Sadhu Kokila

From the producer of 'Shanthi' film that entered the Guinness book of records for a single character in the film here is an equally opposite film with underworld subject. The film is loaded with action and sentiment. The countless of killings and the attitude of 'Vasool' for good by hero and his gang reminds us of the recent film 'Vishnu Sene' that was a remake of Tamil film 'Ramana'. This film is good in bits and pieces.

Ashoka an aspirant to become IPS officer is the son of a constable. He is an angry young man and obviously not in a position to sustain the injustice happening in and around his locality. He kills a notorious rowdy when he arrests the modesty of his sister. From then on it is attacks and counter attacks. In the prison Ashoka kills another notorious don Balarama. Thus he gets the position of don of the state. He arranges for a meeting of all underworld dons and narrates his style of functioning. Respect from public and police for underworld activity is the 'Mantra' of Ashoka. At the same doing social service is the motto of Ashoka. One by one he settles all the nefarious activities. In the case of hospital using banned drugs he encounters a very big criminal Mallayya.

The senior cops appreciate the activity of Ashoka because he has done what they were supposed to do. All the killings of Ashoka for good give him the IPS position in the end. Alas the hope of Ashoka's father is fulfilled.

Shivrajkumar has given a chilling performance. He has scope for action and sentiments. In two dance sequences 45 years of Shivanna looks 25 years. Sunitha Varma looks very sweet and there is not much of scope for her in the acting department. It is Srinivasamurthy who steal the show in the constable role. He is sure to get best performance in the supporting role.

Sundarnath Suvarna's cinematography is major boon to the quality of the film. The top angle shots, the rain effects and outdoor locations have been very well captured. The remix song Thaka Thai., is peppy. Other songs deserved to be good in melody. Lyrics are over poured by instruments noise.

This is a feast for action lovers.

Scoring - 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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