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Ashta Chamma Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 6, 2008 • Telugu ]
Ashta Chamma Review
Art Beat Capital Private Limited
Swati, Nani, Srinivas, Avasarala, Bhargavi, Tanikella Bharani, Jhansi, Hema, Sivannarayana, Ragini, Vasu Intoori, Goparaju, Ramana, Madhumani, Ramakrishna, Srinubabu
Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Ram Mohan P
Kalyani Malik

Ashta Chamma is the favourite game of everyone from the little children to the yesteryear elders. Bearing the name of this all time favorite game as a title, the film 'Ashta Chamma'  directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti is a comical entertainer. He made his debut as a director with the film 'Grahanam,' based on a novel 'Doshagunam' penned by the famous writer Chalam. Later he directed the film 'Mayabazar' which didn't succeed as expected. His latest flick is  'Ashta Chamma' which is a comedy entertainer all the way.

This film casts Swathi, Nani, Srinivas, Bhargavi, who are making their debut as the lead casts for the first time. Swathi had enacted roles of less prominence in her past films like 'Danger' and 'Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule', is doing the lead role in 'Ashta Chamma'. Nani, erstwhile an asst. director for a few movies,is the debutant hero in this movie. Producer RamMohan had made this film on 'Art Beat Capital' banner and is presented by D.Suresh Babu. The film was released on 5th of September worldwide.

The Plot

Lavanya (Swathi) is a die hard fan of the hero Mahesh Babu. She is infactuated to the core which makes her adamant to marry him and no one else. However, her aunt MandiraDevi (Jhansi) is in trials to fix Lavanya's marriage with a young NRI. When she comes to know that Mahesh Babu is married to Namrata and in order to avoid the nagging aunt's proposal, Lavanya agrees for the marriage with a condition, that the name of the groom should be Mahesh.

A young neighbour Anand(Avasarala Srinivas), is bugged with Lavanya for making a din with the 'Pokiri' songs'. He ventures to hook her up with a good looking boy named Mahesh, so as to get some peace. He commences the search for a Mahesh and ends up with a handsome guy named Mahesh (Nani) finally. Anand intiates a self introduction and then Lavanya to him. Sequentially, Mahesh falls in love with Lavanya. The humorous  errors made due to Mahesh's obsession towards Lavanya forms the rest of the plot. Who is this Mahesh introduced to Lavanya by Anand? What is his background? Did Lavanya agreed to marry him? How this commotion ends? are the highly spotted aspects of the story.

Performance - Lead casts

Widely known as 'Colours' Swathi, as the main lead has performed her role to perfection. Her characterization in this film as a MaheshBabu's fan, seems like an elongated version of her portrayal as the girl whos in love with Venkatesh in 'Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule'. She exhibits utmost easiness in enacting the role and had imported a lot of mischief and childishness to add up to the character. Her portrayal in the second half comparatively is a bit underplayed, which might make her fans a touch disappointed.

Similarly, Nani who debuted as the male lead exhibited ease in acting as well as dance sequences. He has got sharp features, good diction and high confidence level. Performing a role, requiring the attributes of MaheshBabu was a challenge to the newcomer, and he had given a splendid performance. He displays potential for a promising future ahead but needs to be aware of the roles he choose.

Avasarala Srinivas who played the second lead as Anand in this film, has given a worthwhile act. The punch dialogues of his, be it a dialogue delivery, timing comedy or a minute expression, made the audiences go awe over him.

Bhargavi who did the role of Mahesh's sister, although new to films, did the best with in the scope of her role as a traditional village girl.

Other important cast - Jhansi as Lavanya's aunt, Tanikella Bharani as Sarva Sastry, Hema as Ammaji, have done utmost justice to their roles.

Technical Team

To say about the technical team, Kalyan Malik composed a variety of tunes, and hopefully his work in this movie, will get him the long awaited upliftment in his career. Lyrics penned by Seetharama Sastry are beautiful as ever. Photography by PG Vinda is captivating with its quality.

Story - Screenplay - Direction

Story of the film is simple, yet complicated. This story is based on a play written by Oscar Wilde. Most of the film revolves around the confused identities. A film of this genre inevitably needs an interesting screenplay to sustain the viewers glued to their seats. Mohan Krishna Indraganti succeeds in giving us a film that keeps the interest levels throughout by injecting the needed twists at the right parts of the movie. Direction of the film is benevolent and qualify for a good movie. The narrative style implied by the director, to introduce the characters is brilliant. The director is supposed to take the humor level of the film to new heights during the last half-an-hour of the film where bits and pieces of the plot falls into place. Though the twists were well-placed in the last half an hour, the director is unable to evoke wide laughter towards the end.

Pro's and Con's

The scene featuring, a protest by teenage girls on MaheshBabu's marriage, is prolonged immensely. The love at first sight between the hero and heroine on their first meet has artificialness in it. The prowess of senior actor Tanikella Bharani is not utilized completely. The climax features many flash backs. Paring these things, Ashta Chamma' is a two and a half hours fantastic humorous entertainer. Finally a few words on the director Mohana Krishna Indraganti. He debuted as a director with an intellectual film 'Grahanam', and received the National Award for his very first venture. However, his next project 'Mayabazar' did not reach up to expectation. He attributes its failure, as not investing his complete effort on the film.

'Ashta Chamma' will surely be a successful entertainer speckled with his punch dialogues.

Cast: Swathi, Nani, Srinivas Avasarala, Bhargavi, Jhansi, Tanikella Bharani, Hema;

CREDITS: Music: Kalyani Malik, Lyrics: Seetharama Sastry,  Cinematography: PG Vinda,  Producer: Ram Mohan,  Story-Dialogues-Screenplay & direction: Mohana Krishna Indraganti.

Banner: Art Beat Capital Ltd

Released on : September 5th, 2008

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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