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Aswaroodan Preview

Aswaroodan Peview
Suresh Gopi, Padmapriya


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

As one film with the background of thoughts of democracy, astute heroism and righteousness make big in the box office  recently, another one is in the making to follow suit. The new Jayaraj film tells another story of right to own the land -- the clashes between cultures and people to possess the land of Vazhamala. This land and its people were effectively led by  Poomatathil Viswanathan, who was  brave, bold and willing to accommodate any one who seeks his help without looking whether the supplicant is in the right or wrong. He was the life and soul of Vazhamatom village, a supremo who was the law and the law enforcer of the region.

When Viswanathan is treacherously killed, his son Poomatathil Veerabhadran take over his father's mantle. As a patrimony. Always dressed in white and wearing a ring and a locket that resemble the rays of the sun, he is the patron of the oppressed and the refuge of the helpless people, primarily Aadivasis in the village.

Vazhamala village has lot to tell about the clashes for its posesssion. Even a case is in the court for long between the Mankoikkal Kurups and Poomatathil Veerabhadran on the use of this land. According to the deeds Vazhamala belongs to Kurups, but Veerabhadran is hailed as the leader of the Aadivasis who reside in the area who act only with his support and according to his judgements

Seetha Lakshmi is a socially responsible Brahmin girl who comes out in support of displaced Aadivasis, gets imprisoned and even gets thrown out of her own house. At some point in the story Veerabhadran provides her shelter, which become an incident of importance in their life .

And into their lives comes Manikkoth Marthandan, who  is the very opposite of what Veerabhadran is. He has abuntant rage on some body in the village and intents to possess everything that catches his fancy,. He will use every means in his power to achieve his objective. Vazhamatom village and Seetha Lakshmi are something that catches his interests but Veerabhadran stands in his way to possessing them. What follows is a prolonged intense rencounter between the two over land and its wealth, right and wrong and love and rage.

Suresh Gopi plays Veerabhadran while Padmapriya does the role of Seetha Lakshmi and Saikumar that of Marthandan. Captain Raju appear in a cameo as Poomatathil Viswanathan. The film that was shot near Kothamangalam also features Jagannatha Varma, Saiju, Padmakumar, Raji, Kaladharan and Padmakumar. Nanditha Bose also plays an important role in this film.

The film is produced by D.Ramanidu of the famous Suresh Productions--their first flick in Malayalam is scripted by Mahesh--Sajeev. The film have a few songs by Jassie Gift, Penned by Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma and Balachandran. The film is all set to grace the theatres by the end of this month.