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Four Australian Kids Steal Car, Set off on 1000km Road Trip

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Four Australian Kids Steal Car, Set off on 1000km Road Trip

Four Australian children set off on a 1000km road trip from Rockhampton to Grafton in a stolen car belonging to one of their families. The 14-year-old boy, two 13-year-old boys, and the 10-year-old girl were caught by the police on Sunday. They had taken money and fishing rods and left on Saturday. One child had left behind a note which explained the plan. The kids who supposedly stole petrol were spotted on Sunday morning by the Queensland police. 

The car was finally found in Grafton on Sunday night and the police had to enter the vehicle when the kids refused to come out. Coffs-Clarence district acting inspector Darren Williams said: “They have locked themselves in the car and police have had to use a baton to get in to arrest them.” He added: “It is a long way, in excess of 1,000 (km) from Rockhampton down to Grafton. I couldn’t imagine one person driving that way in two days.” It is probable that the kids shared the driving over the distance which could have taken about 11 hours. 

The police are investigating the case. The children may have committed several offenses on the way. The reason behind the journey is also being looked into. One of the boys was originally from Grafton. The children were not harmed in any way during the incident and have been taken into care. 

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