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Aval Peyar Thamizharasi Music Review

Aval Peyar Thamizharasi Music Review
Moser Baer Entertainment, Blue Ocean Entertainment
Jai, Nandagi, Theodre Baskaran, Veerasanthanam, Rama, S S Kumaran
Meera Kathiravan
Vijay Antony
`APT' is apt
IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 13, 2009 • தமிழ்] Comments

Vijay Antony is a synonym with racy numbers. But surprisingly in `Aval Peyar Thamizharasi' (APT), he has proved that he can give music that has a touch of melody and hip-hop.

A team of young singers including Ranjith, Nidha, Nancy Sylvia, Vineeth Sreenivasan have rendered voice in the film's album. Produced by Moser Baer and directed by Meera Kathiravan, the movie features Jai and Nandhagi in lead roles.

Check out how the songs are:

1. Nee Otha Sollu Sollu - Listen here

Singer: Ranjith, Neetha

The soft number penned by Ekadasi is a romantic one. Ranjith and Neetha sing with gusto. The beats are good and rhythmic while the lyrics are so soft. Vijay Antony has proved that he is equally capable of coming up with soft melodies too.

2. Guju Guju Goods Vandi - Listen here

Singer: Srimathi

Penned by Ekadasi again, Vijay Antony has scored splendid music for this song with catchy lyrics. More youthful, the number has been rendered by Srimathi. The song gives one a fell of watching a running train from very close quarters. Good job by Vijay Antony.

3. Vadakka Therka - Listen here

Singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Ekadasi has come up with lyrics that speak loud about loneliness. Vijay Antony's good use of violins reminds one of Illayaraja in his heydays. A soft song that flows smoothly, the beats are bit loud now and then. But the interludes are very catchy.

4. Palayankottai - Listen here

Singer: Vijay Antony

The highlight of this song by Na Muthukumar is Vijay Antony rendering it in his own voice. A stylish racy and typical Vijay Antony number, it oozes with energy all through. The song of the album perhaps, it is indeed with racy beats and good percussion.

5. Kol Tanaa Rangubhai - Listen here

Singer: Malgudi Subha

The song by Eknath has good use of tabla and other instrumental sounds that sits well on our ears. Malgudi Subha has sung a number after a long gap. Subha's loud vocals are her strength. This song too would make it big for it has everything to amuse music-lovers.

6. Ethanaiyo Kadha Undu - Listen here

Singer: Srimadhumitha, Mahalakshmi Iyer

The highlight of the song is Ekadasi's lyrics. It conveys everything. Perhaps about a woman who is in deep trouble and seeking some help. Vijay Antony's good use of classical instruments makes it interesting one. Srimadhumitha and Mahalakshmi Iyer have crooned well.

7. Othayadi Padhaiyil - Listen here

Singer: Valapakkudi Veera Sankar

Penned by Rama Thiruvudaiyan, it is a complete folk song sung by Valapakkudi Veera Sekar. The short track has its own sense of rhythm and it is more like free verse as there is no heavy instrumentation.

8. Madathu Oli Vilaka - Listen here

Singer: Valappakkudi Veera Sankar

Lyricist Rama Thiruvudaiyan and vocalist Valapakkudi Veera Sekar have contributed his best once again. The singer's voice gives one a rustic feel in this number, which traces the previous song but in a sorrowful way. A search for girlfriend seems to be the crux.

9. Aaraaro Aariraaro - Listen here

Singer: Valappakkudi Veera Sankar

It's a soft lullaby sung by Valapakkudy Veera Sekar. But this time the lyrics are by Ekadasi. Mild music is the hallmark of the number. The longest song in the album, it raises expectations as to how it might be picturised.

On the whole, `Aval Peyar Thamizharasi' is an album that is a mix of classic and contemporary. Good choice of singers, mild music and unusual rhythms are the highlights. It's worth listening for it is simple, soft and scintillating.