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Ayodhya Preview

Ayodhya Peview
Jayavilas Productions
Mohankumar, Rekha Unnikrishnan, Ragini, Livingston, Mayilsamy, Saranraj, Seetha, Saranya, Chitti Babu, Delhi Kumar
Sabesh Murali


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • தமிழ் Comments

Ayodhya is a name synonymous with unrest and communal tension.

A film with this title is bound to create curiosity and even sometimes a controversy.

Director Jayprakash explains "The title is suggestive of the trouble that takes place in the story. Ayodhya is a holy place and for those living in the village there is no controversy or the location of the temple. For the outsiders only the trouble. All the unrest in this town is due to outsiders. So is the case with the village and the two love birds."

Jayavilas Productions who earlier produced Love Channel are the producers of Ayodhya.

Two neighboring families belonging to Hindu and Muslim religions live in perfect harmony in a village near Nagercovil.. The young in these two families are in love. The love birds are unaware of the implications and to a certain extent the two families belong to different religions accept the love affair. A small issue between the lovers sparks off in to a big problem which separates the two families. This issue is taken by the villagers and the village splits in to two with Muslims on one side and Hindus on the other side. The uniting of the two families forms the climax.

Mohankumar debuts as hero. Rekha Unnikrishnan and Ragini are the two heroines. Livingston, Mayilsamy, Saranraj, Seetha, Saranya, Chitti Babu, Delhi Kumar are in the supporting cast.

Sabesh Murali scores music and two of the songs have been shot at Ireland.

Selva cranks the camera.

Jayaprakash does Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction.

The movie will be released for Diwali.