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Baana Kaathadi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 7, 2010 • Tamil ]
Baana Kaathadi Review
Sathyajyothi Films
Atharva, Prasanna, Samantha
Badri Venkatesh
T G Thyagarajan
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Expectations ran high for 'Baana Kaathadi' as Atharva, son of popular actor Murali, is making his debut in Kollywood. Thanks to pacy screenplay and the good performance of the lead cast, the movie directed by Badri Venkatesh (a national award winner for one of his short films), ends up as an engrossing fare.

The debutant filmmaker has chosen to do a movie around kite-flying that is considered a passion in some parts of the country. At a time when Madurai has become a preferred destination for movie makers, Badri Venkatesh has narrated the story in a Chennai slum.

His detailing of life in north Chennai is realistic. The director should also be complimented for getting the best from all stars. Equally deserving credits is T G Thiyagarajan's Sathyajothi Films, for 'Baana Kaathadi' is whiff of fresh air among commercial cliches.

Ramesh (Atharva) is a plus two student living in Chennai slum. A passionate kite-flier, for Ramesh his kites are everything in life. He along with his group of friends spends all his time flying it.

Once when he goes running after a 'Rajinikanth' kite that flew off, he comes across Priya (Samantha), a fashion technology student. Interestingly her pen drive gets misplaced and goes with Ramesh.

Severely reprimanded by her college for losing the pen drive which has her project details, Priya manages to trace Ramesh. What begins as ruffled encounters between them ends up in friendship.

Eventually realising that he is in love with her, Ramesh goes to propose Priya. But an unfortunate incident leads to more trouble and Priya decides to leave him and go.

Meanwhile, more trouble awaits Ramesh. He witnesses a murder committed by local goon Ravi (Prasanna). Ravi is a good-natured youth, who warns Ramesh to leave the place and go elsewhere for he had now become a witness to the killing of an ex-MLA. What happens then in his life forms the rest.

Atharva deserves all credit for making a decent opening. He looks comfortable in front of the camera and does the job, that was expected of him, well. Samantha as fashion technology student is there to deliver a good performance. She looks pretty and does have more scenes to perform.

Prasanna as the menacing goon is a scene stealer. Karunaas as Kumar (friend to Atharva in the movie), evokes fun and laughter, while the likes of T P Gajendran and Monica as Atharva's mother are adequate.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs are hummable while his re-recording sets the tone, especially for the kite flying scenes. The seasoned composer seems to have tried variety in terms of music and does bring out one of his best.

Due credit should be given to cinematographer Richard Maria Nathan, who captures the slums of Chennai well. The kite-flying scenes especially the ones at Gujarat have been canned colourful and catchy. What starts off as a breezy entertainer ends as an emotional pot boiler. 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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