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Bahaddur Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 4, 2014 • Kannada ]
Bahaddur Review
Dhruva Sarja, Radhika Pandit, Tabla Naani, Vishwa, Swaraj and others.
Chetan Kumar
Phaneesh S Ramanathapura, R Srinivas, KP Srikanth
Arjun Janya

Almost all directors claim their film is different. Hardly anyone does it in the young directors list. Chetan Kumar of ‘Bahaddur’ is exceptional and he has done exceedingly good job in his debut.

Love is secondary to life. The medicine of generosity the director applied is the hallmark of this ‘Bahaddur’ that keeps the parents in highest esteem.  For such notable gesture from a youth the reciprocation in the film is also good in the climax in a rainy scene between Dhruva Sarja and senior actor Srinivasamurthy. One scene back to this climax the villain who was waiting to quench his thirst also bowled over to the excellent thought of ‘Bahaddur’ alias Ashok Bahaddur – protagonist of the film.

Giving a protracted narration in his first film Chetan Kumar has excellent technical and artist support. The film is lavish and grand. The length of the film is the only worry of this youthful entertainer from RS Productions.

Ashok Bahaddur (Dhruva Sarja) hailing from Royal family is another Puneeth Rajakumar in ‘Arasu’ (he comes with one rupee keeping aside royalty) finds a lady of his choice. That is Anjali (Radhika Pandit) who has given promise to her father (Srinivasamurthy) that she would agree to the boy selected by him after studies.

After tantrums and of course love and hate relationship between Ashok and Anjali the good deeds of Ashok make him to tie the friendship band to Anjali. Anjali has fallen in love with Ashok by this time but narration takes a different turn as her father invite her home.  Without telling Anjali his father agreed for his boss son who is back from foreign studies.

Ashok understands this development and when Anjali comes to meet him before marriage, the villain Appaji Gowda looking for revenge over hear the conversation. He is completely moved. That is the heart of ‘Bahaddur’ Ashok. What is that you have to watch it in the theatres!

Appaji Gowda at the marriage hall of Anjali is taken aback. He meets the father of Anjali and explains on the golden heart of Ashok Bahaddur. It is a give respect and takes respect on the one hand. Secondly the height of goodness of Ashok Bahaddur heart and his admiration to parents who have looked after daughter for 20 long years is a big salutation.

Dhruva Sarja bouncing back with debut two years ago ‘Addhuri’ has given a performance that can live in the memory of audience for two more years. His action feast to eyes, dancing ability and screen presence is fabulous. The dialogue is monotonous and it is carried forward from his first film ‘Addhuri’.

The sandalwood beauty queen is no doubt Radhika Pandit. In every angle she looks pretty and costumes this time for Radhika Pandit is on par with Hindi cinema. While collecting tears and delivering dialogues also she melts the hearts.

Srinivasamurthy and Avinash for glorious performance in short presence, Ravishanker, Dattanna, Achyuth Kumar all steal show in the supporting roles.

Ravi Verma gives some nail biting stunts, Harikrishna lends peppy and melodious songs and cameraman Srisha Kudhavalli gives a pleasant view to the eyes. This is not just a film with entertainment but a film for younger generation to follow ‘Bahaddur’ ideals.

Score – 7.5/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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