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Banana Brothers Preview

Banana Brothers Peview
Gursewak Mann, Anupam Kher, Seema Malhar, Gulshan Grover, Johnny Lever, Mary L. Carter, Sunny Hundal, Avanindar Singh, Shalini Haranahalli, Sheel Gupta, Radha Saluja, Jay Menon
Girija Shankar
Jagjit Singh

Banana Brothers

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Till around a couple of years back, there was immense craze around movies that were based in USA but revolved around the lives of Indians there. Most of them had a dash of humor in them with some of the notable flicks being ABCD, American Desi, American Chai, Where Is The Party Yaar etc. Ideal multiplex fares, they were grabbed by both hands initially but slowly and steadily the interest level of the audience in these movies died down. 

Now after a break, yet another flick that belongs to the same genre gets ready for release soon and is titled 'Banana Brothers'. A hilarious take on the lives of two men who become 'Banana Brothers', it is a Girija Shankar movie.

Its not uncommon to see Indians, especially from the North, migrating to USA and Canada in search of dreams, aspirations and desires to make it big. And more often than not, these people have someone in these countries who have already established themselves. Baldev Singh [Gurusewak Mann] and Ketan Shah [Anupam Kher] were two such men who had stepped on the city of dreams but after years of struggle it seemed that their dreams were on the way to turn sour.

Baldev, who thought he will make it big one day had merely managed to raise to the status of a local cabbie! Ketan, who thought his sharp mind would land him in places merely managed to land up in odd jobs, including motels!

With no great future in sight, the two of them met and soon were tied by a strong bond of friendship. They cared for each other so much that Baldev even took Ketan home and offered him to stay together. But there was a trouble!

The 'home' was not Baldev's own but instead a room that was rented by Jayashree Chatterjee [Radha Saluja], a Bengali landlady who herself had settled down in USA after migrating more than 40 years ago. Now she was content while staying with her daughter Reema [Seema Rahmani], inspite of the fact that Reema was divorced sometime back.

While Baldev and Reema had started falling in love with each other, no love was lost between Reema and Ketan as she didn't consider him in high regard.

On the other hand Ketan had troubles of his own as wanted to run away from being constantly chased by a wealthy divorced socialite Sabrina Malhotra [Mary L. Carter]

While things didn't show any signs of improvement in the financial status of Baldev and Ketan, they tried to find a way out by going independent. Baldev decided to pickup lead from Rajinder [Gulshan Grover], his cousin, who had once helped him when he had entered USA but after that got busy in his profession as an event organizer. A Casanova of sorts, he was divorced and lived with his mother and teenage son Mikka.

For one of his star-shows, Rajinder had roped in Johney Lever and when Rajinder approached him for a job, he accepted it gleefully and gave him an assignment to handle the show. But even for such shows, he had the mind of a BAD MAN running all the time. He would himself earn in millions but pay the stars only a part of their remuneration by claiming losses during the show.

Both Baldev and Ketan joined the organizing team but as soon as they realized the modus operandi of Rajinder, they took the matters in their hands. Their first step was to warn Johney Lever about Rajinder's vicious plan while the next step was for the trio to teach Rajinder a lesson.

And from hereon followed a hilarious journey of the lifetime for everyone involved!

Written by Malvinder Shankar and Dhieraj Mohan, 'Banana Brothers' is slated for release soon.