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Bas Ek Pal Preview

Bas Ek Pal Peview
Sanjay Suri, Jimmy Shergill, Urmila Matondkar, Juhi Chawla, Rehaan Engineer, Yashpal Sharma, Chetan Pandit, Purab Kohli
Manohar Kanungo, Shailesh R Singh

Bas Ek Pal

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

What is it about a life that matters to you most? A lifetime? A phase? A year? A day?

Or just A MOMENT? Bas Ek Pal?

Ask the lead protagonists of this latest film about human relationships by second time director Onir [who made a path breaking 'My Brother Nikhil'] and you will get an answer!

Because it was just one moment that changed their lives! The lives of Nikhil, Rahul, Anamika, Ira and Steve! And from this moment on, the world was never the same again! And they wished if only the clock could turn backward and make them erase this moment that would now haunt them for the rest of their lives?

What happened in this moment? Why did it prove to be such a troublesome moment in everyone's lives? Who were these men and women?

Nikhil Kapoor [Sanjay Suri] and Rahul Kher [Jimmy Shergill] were two well settled young'n'handsome men who were doing good in their respective fields. Nikhil thought the world belonged to him and he belonged to the world and with these feelings he enjoyed life to the fullest. Sexy, smart, handsome and very much single and ready to mingle, he was a Management graduate who worked in US but returned to India after his parents expired in a car accident! Boasting of an unmatchable flirtatious persona, he lived every day and night on his own terms! On the other hand Rahul was a little reserved, inspite of the fact that he too had a charming persona, boasted of high education, a rich profession and a good lifestyle. With his friends, family and business holding priority over everything else, he loved to hang around with his friends Nikhil and Steve [Rehan Engineer].

Steve and Ira [Juhi] were a much married couple who loved each other immensely but were still being bothered by differences. One such difference was Steve's alcoholism that was tearing his life apart. He too was a rich man but his wealth came as a result of his dad's construction firm than his own business venture of export that had turned out to be a disaster. His heart was never in his dad's business and his failure to prove his mettle disturbed him to such an extent that he hit the bottle hard. The implications were as severe as him turning abusive towards Ira and also suspecting her of infidelity. This inspite of the fact that Ira had left everything behind, her family, her profession and the world of glamour [she was an ex-Miss India] for the love of her life - Rehan!

Unable to bear the tension in her life, Ira even proposed breaking away from Steve but he didn't even allow that and threatened to commit suicide if she ever took this step. Disheartened, the only option left in her life was to go through the motions and in order to keep her busy she provided support to an old age home.

Amidst all these characters arrived a young woman Anamika Joshi [Urmila Matondkar], a career woman who was managing her personal and the professional life admirably. While she was single, attractive and highly sensous, she knew that she could utilize these traits to the fullest in her job as a civil engineer. Though she had an aspiration to go higher up in her career, she never failed to enjoy the luxuries and good times that life had to offer to her and these were the very traits in her extrovert self that made her hit the dance floor often and party the night out!

In one such party she came across Nikhil and as expected the sparks flew! But was it an end of the beginning or beginning of an end? Because soon after the night she disappeared and Nikhil, completely besotted with her, starting searching for her in the same place every night. On one such night the two met again when Nikhil arrived with Rahul and Steve while Anamika was accompanied by some of her friends.

All seemed to be going fine until........