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Chaddi Dosth Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 30, 2013 • Kannada ]
Chaddi Dosth Review
Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Roopasri, Ashwini, Avinash, Mithra, Dayanand and others.
PC Shekar
SRS Media Vision
Arjun Janya


SRS Media Vision - Mohan Chabria has set his vision very clear. Comedy films with songs plus a convincing story has worked out well again after `Victory'. There is enough of laughing stock for the audience. The dialogues take the cream while the rest is from natural performance from artists in this `Comedy Cake'.

It is a cake walk one hopes for the producer and in his third film PC Shekar has got very good support and he knows what to take from the artists. What characters suits Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila only is given here not like in a few other movies of the duo in the past.

There is friendship, love, greed, concern, realities of life, suspense plus two peppy tunes and of course very convincing cinematography. Dialogue writer Nataraj has looked at the mass and class audience. What else you require to buy a ticket and enjoy two hours plus?

Set in city background Ranga and Khadir (Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila) are with different attitudes. It is Ranga who brings Khadir to right order. Both work in a garage owned by Mimicry Dayanand. The task of the duo is what focused by director Shekhar in future reels.

Ranga coming from village is looking for his uncle maternal uncle Venkateshwara (Avinash) a greedy person. Khadir is in love with `Baddi Magalu' (female money lender ala Shilpa Shetty in `Auto Shanker' Kannada cinema). Ranga and Khadir exchange their assignment. Accordingly Ranga has to convince money lender Roopasri to accept  Khadir. Khadir on the other side finds Venkateshwara maternal uncle of Ranga.

When the task is met there are a few more interesting turns and twists with funny elements not missing till the last reel of the film. You have to watch in theatres to know more about `Chaddi Dosth'.

Rangayana Raghu steals the show for the comedy, dialogues and in delivering convincing philosophical lines especially with Ashwini Gowda, his counterpart. Sadhu Kokila is like `Masala Dose' in the cinema. He is with his usual wit and humor. Avinash is given a role that he has not done so far. Roopasri doing what Shilpa Shetty had done in `Auto Shanker' has got a role to perform. Ashwini Gowda is a good looking aunty on screen.

Two tunes of music director Arjun Janya are for the masses. Kumaran camera work is neat and tidy. Dialogue writer Nataraj could have controlled the double meaning dialogues especially when he is writing for eunuch.

This is a film for the masses.

Score 7/10



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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