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Chakkaramuthu Music Review

Chakkaramuthu Music Review
Dileep, Kavya Madhavan, Sai Kumar, Harisri Asokan, Cochin Haneefa, Bindu Panikkar
Seven Arts Films
M Jayachandran
It has a hummable few
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, November 11, 2006 • മലയാളം] Comments

Lohithadas in his few films has been exceptionally good in selecting music tracks. Kasthoorimaan, Kanmadham and Kaarunyam are the examples of his  previous films which carried songs that stay in the hearts even today.

Lohithadas's latest Chakkaramuthu set to music by M Jayachandran, don't have such a class, but the mediocre songs are done with exceptional choices of voices.

Yesudas, after a short break delivers two  songs which are extremely hummable. The lyric of the songs are by Gireesh Puthencherry and one, by the director himself.

The album offers six songs of which two are repeat versions.

1. Kaakke Kaakke Singers: Tippu, Rimi Tomy    

This is a funny look song set to heavy beats. The tune of the song reminds us of  Hindi songs of the O P Nayyar seventies. The voices selected for the song  Tippu and Rimi Tomy,  effectively conveys the excitement of a man who can't wait to bite the dust in the nervousness. The song is laced with humor and some sections will make you smile if you listen closely. Be it in flavor or content, this one offers nothing in the name of novelty, but is a trendy time pass song.

2. Karineelakanninenthedy Singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth Sreenivasan has been the lucky doyen in music industry for a while. And the songs that he renders have been always in the path of potential hits. Here in Chakkramuthu too, this love song rendered with Sujatha has turned out to be a hummable number and a potential hit. The beat, which is very simple and folksy, strikes a chord immediately. It is a potential hit. The lyrics by Gireesh Puthencherry are also sweet and straight.

3. Marannuvo Poonkuyile  Singer: Dr K J Yesudas

It is a very soft and simple song that is soft on your ears. The vocals are led by the trusty voice of Dr K J Yesudas, singing with the necessary feel. This is almost a sure hit. The song is repeated in the voices of Sujatha.

4. Pahaadi Paadu Singers: Yesudas, K S Chithra

This is a Hindusthani based duet sung by Yesudas and K S Chithra. As usual the masters of the media have effectively rendered it with charm, and remind you why they are till in the helm of activity. The song is repeated as a solo by Yesudas, which is also a treat to ears.

The sound tracks which tries to be forcibly pleasant, is not a total letdown. Music director who decided to play it safe with the experienced vocals of  Sujatha, Chithra and Yesudas have definitely reaped the dividends  and managed to make it a listenable stuff.