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Chanakya Music Review

Chanakya Music Review
Sarath Kumar, Namitha, Vadivelu
Vishwas Sundar
Srikanth Deva
For the dancing-feet
IndiaGlitz [Friday, September 2, 2005 • தமிழ்] Comments

The trio of Sarath Kumar, Venkatesh and Srikanth Deva come together again after Hey for Chanakya. It is typical fare from Srikanth Deva, who has come up with five songs that are peppy and rocking in Chanakya.

The highlight of the album are the fast songs crooned by Shankar Mahadevan and another rendered by Sarath Kumar himself.

The likes of Sadhana Sargam, Anuradha Sriram, Karthik and Thippu have also sung in the album.

1.Voochi Voochi    (Shankar Mahadevan )

This is a mass song and,apparently, is the opening number in the movie. It sings paeans of the hero and is racy with heavy instruments accompanying it.

For this vibrant number, Shankar Mahadevan, an energetic singer, has lent his voice. Shankar's range is amazing and he gives enough energetic inputs to keep the song afloat. However a feel of  having heard the tune before in several numbers of Srikanth Deva's father Deva's work could not be overcome.

2.Tharuviya Tharamattiya    (Sarath Kumar, Josh )

Sarath Kumar has hogged the mike newcomer Josh. This 'dapanguthu'number has brought to light the singer in Sarath Kumar.  But he brings the same screen robustness to his singing. It is Josh who salvages this racy number. But you cannot really crib, as the whole song is meant for some fun.

3. Allauddin    (Srikanth Deva, Vadivel, J K V Roshini) A typical gaana song which reminds of Deva's many such tunes before.Vadivelu and Srikanth Deva belt out the song in typical high-pitched breeziness. Having heared similar songs by Deva before, the song fails to impress.

4. Romba Azhagu    (Karthik, Sadhana Sargam ) This is the sole soft tune in the entire album. The song seemingly an inspiration of an yesteryear Bollywood number has Sadhana Sargam rendering it with her usual grace. Equally impressive is Karthik.

5. Onnu Vaanginal    (Tippu, Anuradha Sriram) A rocking song aimed for your dancing feet as opposed to your soft heart. For Anuradha Sriram it is nothing but a cake walk to sing such numbers. Tippu too is in fine fettle. Just the kind of song that the tea-stalls would want.

All in all, Srikanth Deva has shown that he is his father's son.