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Chausar Music Review

Chausar Music Review
Nowaz, Amruta Subhash, Sanjeev Tiwari, Rahesh Singh, Purva Parag, Indu Varma, Krishna Choudhari, Sujata Thakkar
Sagar Sarhadi
Music from the interiors of India
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 • Hindi Comments

Remember hard hitting 'Bazaar' from the early 80s that was one of the major products of new wave cinema? It was directed by none other than veteran film maker Sagar Sarhadi who returns to film making after a gap of more than two decades.

In the meanwhile, he was still associated with Bollywood and did script writing for distinct ventures like Kabhi Kabhi, Silisila, Chandni, Deewana, and Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai amongst may others.

He is now ready with 'Chausar', yet another hard hitting drama inspired a short story revolving around the ill-treatment meted to women in villages and small towns.

On the heals of release of 'Matrabhoomi' that also is revolved around a related issue, 'Chausar' mainly stars newcomers Nowaz, Amruta Subhash, Sanjeev Tiwari, Rahesh Singh, Purva Parag, Indu Varma, Krishna Choudhari and Sujata Thakkar.

While Sudeep Banerji composes, Nida Fazli & Mannu Gautam write the lyrics. With singers like Jagjit Singh, Sadhna Sargam, Kavita Krishnamurthy amongst others, one is quite hopeful of coming across a classy soundtrack.

1) Har Ghadi (Complete Version, Video edit version, Karaoke version, Instrumental) Singer : Jagjit Singh

'Har Ghadi Khud Se Ulajhana Hai Muqaddar Mera' - You just can't help but loosing yourself in this yet another masterpiece by Jagjit Singh that would surely multiply his already existing fan strength. A flaweless track with amazing music by Sudeep Banerji and thoughtful lyrics by Manu Gautam and Nida Fazli, it establishes the pain of the main protagonist in the movie. One can just continue to hear this number in repeat mode and even want to hum along. This is exactly the reason why the song appears yet again as a 'Video edit version' and then also as an 'Instrumental' and a 'Karaoke' version. Truly speaking, one would have felt content with the album, if there was just this single track by Jagjit Singh appearing in its four different formats. Rest everything that follows in the album is just an added bonus !

2) Kaagaz Ki Kashti Singer: Jagjit Singh, Lyrics : Sudarshan Faakir

If a brand new 'Har Ghadi' by Jagjit Singh wasn't enough, there follow two more classics 'Kaagaz Ki Kashti' and 'Baat Nilklegi' by him. But more about 'Kaagaz Ki Kashti' first. There won't be a single follower of Hindi music who wouldn't have heard of this classic earlier. No doubt you get into a retrospection mood once again with this song about thinking about the lost days of childhood and honesty that was associated with it. Yes, Jagjit Singh is excellent in it but it calls for due credit to lyricist Sudarshan Faakir who spins words amazingly to reflect human emotions

3) Baat Niklegi Singer : Jagjit Singh, Lyrics : Kafeel Aazer

After Sudarshan Fakir, it is the turn of Kafeel Aezer this time around to come up with an excellent act of wordsmith. Enchanting yet again, live recording of this wonderful piece of art doesn't fail to impress all over again.

4) Laayee Sandesa Singer : Sadhna Sargam

A song about a woman waiting for her husband who is far away from the village, it is a slow yet moving piece of music that makes one sit and notice. Ever selective Sadhna Sargam croons the number with high degree of emotions and comes up with a mature track. It is commendable to hear such a track in today's times when most of the stuff generated is of the fast food variety relying completely on fast paced rhythm and beats. This track is indeed 'different' that would be patronized by the followers of new wave cinema in late 70s - early 80s.

5) Phulwariya (Original version and remix) Singer : Ritika Sahani, Sapna Awasthi

With soulful tracks preceding this track, 'Phulwariya' comes up as a sudden jolt due to its raun