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"My Bigg Boss strategy against Vairamuthu" - Chinmayi's mother interview

Friday, October 12, 2018 • Tamil Comments

My Bigg Boss strategy against Vairamuthu - Chinmayis mother interview

We caught up with Chinmayi's mother Padmashini for an exclusive interview as the Vairamuthu sex abuse allegations are raging on.  She informed us that her daughter is a special sould who can absorb the sorrows of others and feel for them and then act to help them out.  She also revealed that Chinmayi is a riddle to her as she did not get the affections of a father which influenced the way she grew up.

To the question that the mother-daughter duo had praised Vairamuthu in various instances, Padmashini jokingly said that it is their 'Bigg Boss' style strategy.  In a philosophical explanation Chinmayi's mother elucidated that a person can give in to temptation but that does not make them a wholly negative being.  In Vairamuthu's case she likes to emphasize that by throwing positive words at him it would help him focus on his talents and suppress temptations.

Regarding the incident of groping allegations on Vairamuthu by Chinmayi, her mother recalls the incident that she was waiting in the car when her daughter then sixteen years old came running to the car completely terrified.  Madhan Karky and his wife too were on a walk some distance but according to Padmashini she understood the situation and the first thought was to drive the car out of the area as soon as possible.  There is much more in the exclusive video below which makes it clear who is Chinmayi and what her mission is.

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