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Damadamm! Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 28, 2011 • Hindi ]
Damadamm! Review
Studio 18HR Musik
Himesh Reshammiya,Sonal Sehgal,Purbi Joshi
Swapna Waghmare
Himesh Reshammiya

'Damdamm', the love story of a frustrated man and his nagging/over possessive girlfriend is basically an extension of the Kartik-Nushrat episode (remember that five minute long monologue?) from 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama'. While that Luv Ranjan directed film ended with Kartik dumping Nushrat, in 'Damdamm' first time director Swapna Waghmare makes that as an interval point with an endeavour to tell the film from girls' point of view as well (in the second half). Hence the reason why from being a perceived comedy, the film actually takes the route of being more of a drama.

There is a smile that stays on for most part of the film though, especially during the first half. Purbi's nagging ways are the kind one can relate to and Himesh's reaction to that, especially when he calls out this habit of hers as a way to please him, are cute as well. Subtle beginning of a relationship that could lead to something between him and his newest office colleague (Sonal Sehgal) is done well too which makes one look forward to an out and out comic affair that may soon follow.

That doesn't quite happen though as 'Damdamm', despite a title that conveyed the message of being a riotous outing, continues to take the subtle route with drama arriving on the scene instead of laughs. Does that turn out to be disappointing? No, not at all as surprisingly it's the dramatic portions that actually turn out to be most memorable once the film comes to a close.

Case in point being the sequence of events leading to the interval point where Himesh lets out his frustration and disbelief in Purbi's eyes is well conveyed. The best of the lot is the one right outside Himesh's apartment where Purbi explains her behaviour without making it all look like a weep fest or an excuse to get back into his life. In the end when Himesh lets his heart do all the talking has its sweet moments too; the best part being when Purbi (again) questions him about his extended courtesies with women!

It is moments like these that make one feel good for most part of 'Damadamm'. Yes, there are points in the film where one does feel that the pace is slackening. There are just too many scenes between Himesh and his boss (Ashwin Dhar) that could have been crisper. Himesh's sudden turn off from Purbi could have been better explained, considering the fact that he had spent five years with her. Moreover once he decides to move on with Sonal, the entire office episode where he tries to get extra pally with her so that Purbi could entirely move on just add on to the film's length something that was totally avoidable.

Leaving these factors aside, one doesn't quite mind giving 'Damadamm' a dekko since there aren't too many expectations to begin with. This is where there is a surprise in store because Himesh comes up with his best act till date. One can see him being quite natural, something that would have really required a conscious bit of acting for sure. He plays the man next door well and is apt in his dialogue delivery and body language.

For someone who is known most for her comic efforts in the world of television, Purbi showcases her balanced and matured act in serious scenes as well. Sonal is simply illuminating and though one can see shades of her 'Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai' character in the film, the fact that she looks so comfortable in front of the camera and looks picture perfect more than makes up for that.

Though the film has been sold as a romantic comedy and its title is meant to entice youth due to it's vibrant appeal, the fact is that this Himesh Reshammiya affair is basically a romantic drama with a tough of humour or light hearted moments being sprinkled here and there. Does one mind that though? Not really as the film stays on to be reasonably engaging for those little over two hours that is good enough to check it out when not many were rooting for it in the first place. This one has the potential to register decent numbers with word of mouth setting in.

Rating : ***

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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