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Dheera Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 2, 2024 • Tamil ]
Dheera Review
Laksh Chadalavada, Soniya Bansal
Vikranth Srinivas
Padmavati Chadalavada
Sai Kartheek

Dheera Movie Review

Neha Pathan and Sonia Bansal are in the spotlight opposite Laksh Chadalawada, portraying the female leads in Dheera. The riveting action trailer and teaser have significantly heightened anticipation levels. The storyline revolves around a young individual who prioritizes wealth over emotions, unfolding a series of intriguing developments in his life.


Embarking on a gripping journey, Dheera, also known as Ranadheer (Laksh Chadalawada), undertakes the task of transporting the patient Raj Guru (Bhushan Kalyan) from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad, enticed by a substantial reward. Accompanied by Dr. Amrutha (Neha Pathan) and anesthetist Kiran (Mirchi Kiran), their mission takes an unexpected turn when they find themselves entrusted with the care of a small baby amidst startling occurrences.

The narrative unfolds to reveal the interconnected lives of Manisha (Sonia Bansal), ACP Karna (Bharani Shankar), opposition leader Chanakya (Bobby Bedi), CM secretary Hamsalekha (Himaja), and CM Krishna Murthy (Suman). The ensuing events form the crux of the story, leaving audiences in suspense about the intricate connections and their ultimate impact.


Laksh Chadalawada delivered a spectacle of high-octane, intense stunts that truly enthralled the masses, leaving an indelible mark with his impressive physique and charismatic presence. While he adeptly portrayed a character driven more by financial pursuits than emotions, there's room for further honing his acting skills to create an even more significant impact.

Dheera Movie Review

Neha Pathan, with her homely charm, captivated audiences and complemented Laksh's performance seamlessly. Sonia Bansal set the screen ablaze with her red-hot presence, offering a visual feast through her limited yet impactful appearance, featuring liplocks and intimate scenes. Mirchi Kiran added a touch of humor, evoking genuine laughs.

Suman effortlessly embraced a role tailored for him, and Himaja left an impactful mark with her character. Other supporting cast members, including Bobby Bedi and Bhushan Kalyan, played their respective roles with conviction.

Director Vikranth Srinivas embarked on establishing Laksh as an action hero, successfully kickstarting the narrative with intense action sequences. However, he fell short in weaving emotional depth into the screenplay and direction. While the concept of intertwining action with the baby's storyline was commendable, the emotional aspect could have been elevated for a more profound impact. Despite the focus on action, romance, and entertainment, the plot's essence was somewhat overlooked. The first half concludes on a decent note, setting the stage for an equally brisk second half, though the pace fluctuates during romantic and humorous segments.

Dheera Movie Review

Vikranth Srinivas's story is adequate, and the screenplay and direction are decent, though refinement could have elevated the overall experience. The inclusion of political scenes added excitement but missed the opportunity to reach a higher level. The film concludes on a predictable note.

Sai Karthik's youthful music, accompanied by beautifully shot songs, adds vibrancy to the film. The background score, while impactful, could have been more nuanced. PC.Kannan's cinematography is commendable, enhancing the visual appeal of the scenes. Vinai Ramaswamy's editing is satisfactory, with room for improvement in the latter half. The production values are commendable, contributing to the overall quality of the film.


In his endeavor with Dheera, Vikranth Srinivas skillfully positioned Laksh as an action hero, but encountered a stumbling block in navigating the emotional conflict within the narrative. A subtle rework on the script could have effectively heightened the intensity levels, offering a more balanced and impactful cinematic experience.

Rating: 2.25 / 5.0

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