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Dishoom Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, February 2, 2006 • தமிழ் ]
Dishoom Review
Oscar Films
Jeeva, Sandya, Nasser, Malavika
Oscar V Ravichandran
Vijay Anthony

Amidst host of remakes with blood and revenge themes comes as a whiff of air Dishoom.

Quite typical to director Sasi's earlier movies (Sollamalae and Roja Kootam), romance  forms the base of the movie, though it is ironically titled Dishoom.

The movie is all about an affair between a stuntman and a student who pursues course on arts and sculptor. A case of persons of two different thoughts and two extremes coming together.

Risk Bhaskar (Jeeva), a stuntman in films, comes across Cinthya (Sandhya), a college student. A couple of meetings help them to get acquainted with each other. Through Baskar she comes to know of the difficulties stuntmen face in their everyday work. Life is a daily risk for them, she understands.

Cinthya's care and affection makes Baskar develop love towards her. However coming to know that she is not interested in reciprocating his love, he wants to leave from her life. Missing his company, Cinthya calls on him and urges him to be himself and continue their friendship.

Not wanting to miss his company, Cinthya promises to marry Baskar in case if she develops a love towards him in future or if not they would part as friends after sometime. Baskar, a happy-go-lucky youngster, tries all means to impress Cinthya.

However, Malar (Malavika), Cinthya's mother, coming to know of their relationship opposes it. Meanwhile, she loses her husband Jayachandran (Nasser), a fire and rescue personnel, while he is dousing a major blaze. She immediately decides to get her daughter married and even arranges her wedding. The rest is about interesting turn of events and an answer to the question whether Baskar and Cinthya reunite.

All credit to Sasi for churning out the movie at a brisk pace accommodating all commercial elements. Though the movie begins on a slow note it gathers momentum as it progresses. Unfortunately a lengthy climax in the hospital with Sandhya on the bed could have avoided. A sense of off-seen feel prevails in the climax.

Though it is about a stuntman and titled Dishoom, kudos to director for not going in for stunt sequences with men flying in all corners.

Jeeva seems to have taken off from where he had left in Ram. He has given his best getting under the skin of the character. Jeeva in one word is impressive. Sandhya, who showed a lot of promise in Kadhal, has given a not just a clean performance but also tried her hand in glamour.  Watch out for Malayalam actor Badhru, the short man of 'Albhudhavilakku' fame. He plays the friend of Jeeva and succeeds in evoking laughter.

Music by Vijay Anthony and cinematography by Sentonio Dersio certainly add strength to the film.

Dishoom is a feel-good movie for youngsters.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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