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Dor Preview

Dor Peview
Shreyas Talpade,Ayesha Takia,Gul Panag
Nagesh Kukunoor


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

How far one can you go to save your love?

That's the question which director Nagesh Kukunoor asks in his yet another movie based on human emotions - DOR! In a world when materialistic things have taken precedence over anything that is distinctly related to emotions, there still are umpteenth stories about love and sheer will power winning over everything else. 'Dor' tells the story of two such women who meet at one such juncture of life that throws a number of surprises, questions and situations at them that force them to make choices.

Choices those are difficult to make with the implications that could change the lives of both of them..........forever!

The two women brought closer by 'Dor' are Zeenat [Gul Panag] and Meera [Ayesha Takia]. Poles apart in their upbringing, thoughts and the way they looked at life, destiny plays a hand in making their future interdependent!

Zeenat comes from Himachal Pradesh, Meera is from Rajasthan. Zeenat has a mind of her own; Meera has been taught to live as per the rules set by her family. Zeenat doesn't shy away from living alone, Zeenat lives in a conservative Rajasthani Rajput family. Zeenat marries the person she loves; Zeenat continues to live in the same setting inspite of her love being no more. Zeenat decides to fight for a better life ahead; Meera surrenders to her fate and is content with what life has to offer to her.

But soon the two would be crossing paths and their lives won't be the same again.

An incident in the lives of both the women makes Zeenat travel from Himachal to Rajasthan in search of Meera. And in this journey of hers she comes across "Behroopiya" [Shreyas Talpade], who as the name suggests, is a professional in changing disguises. He cons people but even while doing so he ensures that he doesn't hurt people or harm their sentiments and instead brings a smile on everyone's face. A simple young man with a smiling attitude towards life, he helps Zeenat in her journey towards Meera!

What happens when the two women meet?

They soon become friends and develop a mutual bond. But is it the reason that Zeenat was in Rajasthan for i.e. to develop friendship with Meera? Or did she visit Meera with a purpose? What is it that makes Zeenat uneasy in spite of her closeness with Meera? Is their a hidden secret lurking somewhere that needs immense courage to be revealed to Meera?

And what happens when this secret is revealed to Meera?

A secret that would make the two women look at life in a different perspective altogether. A secret that would make someone go all out in her quest for saving her love. A secret that now demands a decision that would make someone live or die.

A unique tale of human spirit challenging destiny, 'Dor' also stars Girish Karnad and Prateeksha Lonkar with music by Salim Sulaiman. Releasing on 22nd September all over, 'Dor' is a much awaited watch for those who are looking for yet another sensitive film from master director Nagesh Kukunoor.